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Looking for the best solution for social media scheduling?

Try SocialBu. It only takes a minute to get up and running with SocialBu. We also offer free migration and set-up support to get you up and running in no time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SocialBu?

SocialBu is simple and affordable Social Media Management and Automation platform.

Does SocialBu has a free plan?

Yes, SocialBu has a free plan. Limited to 2 social media profiles and 30 scheduled posts

What is the starting price of SocialBu?

The starting price of SocialBu is $4.99/month. 4 social media profiles

Does SocialBu offers support?

Yes, SocialBu offers support via Email, Phone, 24/7 Live Chat

Is SocialBu one of the cheapest social media scheduling tools?

Yes, SocialBu is one of the cheapest social media scheduling tools.

How much time will it take to get up and running with SocialBu?

Getting up and running with SocialBu takes only a few minutes. SocialBu also provides free set-up service on your behalf.

What is Post Planner?

Get more engagement, clicks, and sales from Facebook and Twitter!

Does Post Planner has a free plan?

No, Post Planner doesn't have a free plan.

What is the starting price of Post Planner?

The starting price of Post Planner is $36/year. 3 social media profiles

How much time will it take to get up and running with Post Planner?

Please visit their website to learn more about it.

Is there any alternative for Post Planner?

There are many alternatives for Post Planner. You can check them all here. We suggest trying SocialBu.

Which one is best? SocialBu or Post Planner?

The best is what works for you. We suggest learning more about the solution that you want to consider. We suggest SocialBu for you.

What is the source of this data?

This page only compares the scheduling or scheduling related features. The data has been obtained from multiple resources available on the internet. This data is not guaranteed to be accurate. Please check the related links to get accurate details.

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