Schedule posts for later

Get ahead of your posting with SocialBu’s convenient scheduling tool, now you can plan ahead of time using SocialBu’s Reddit feature.

reddit posts scheduling

Cross-post your content with ease

Broaden your reach by making sure that spicy meme gets seen. No need to post manually in all the communities, SocialBu helps you cross-post with a simple click.

schedule image, video, album posts to Instagram

Find new subreddits

Find new redditors to appreciate your posts. Comment under different subreddits in your niche using SocialBu and get rid of manual work.

social media planning calendar for reddit

Post using multiple reddit accounts

You can now have fun and post at the same time, pick as many Reddit accounts as you want and post from just one click through SocialBu.

reddit schedule and approve posts

Bulk upload posts

Prepare your posts in a spreadsheet and create them in one fell swoop. SocialBu App supports Bulk uploading using CSV to make your uploading process more efficient.

bulk import and schedule reddit posts

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