Everything you need to
tell your story.

Everything you need to
tell your story.

Your voice and our tools.

Effortlessly plan, organize, and automate your social media posts across multiple platforms with SocialBu.

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Create stunning social media posts with SocialBu. Use our AI and integrations to craft eye-catching content within seconds.

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Never miss a message ever. Respond to all types of messages across all your social accounts. Comes with auto-replies where needed.

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Social Listening feature empowers you to monitor conversations about your brand in real-time. Track keywords and hashtags seamlessly.

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SocialBu's powerful analysis tools provide in-depth insights into hashtag performance and content success, empowering users to make informed decisions effortlessly.

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Automate your social media tasks smoothly with SocialBu. Manage RSS Feeds and trigger web-hooks to streamline processes across multiple platforms, all in one place.

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Create, edit, and finalize content together with your team, all within the app. Boost productivity and streamline your social media management process.

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SocialBu's AI

Let the SocialBu AI Assistant take care of your writing needs.

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Personal AI

Program tailored for
Startup’s Digital Growth.

What you need to know

Eligibility criteria:

  • New to SocialBu
  • Active on at least one social platform
  • Less than 50 team members
  • Seed or early-stage funding is a plus

The startups program

  • Premium Access to full suite.
  • Early Feature Access
  • Engage with our vibrant community
  • Support from our in-house experts

High-fives from founders

Testimonials and reviews from satisfied users

Got queries?

We’ve got answers

To make the most of our program, we recommend you take advantage of all our features and tools. Participate actively in our digital community and engage with other members to learn best practices and acquire knowledge from our in-house experts.

To be eligible for the program, your startup must be new to SocialBu and active on at least one social media platform. Your team must have 50 members, and seed or early-stage funding is a plus.

We will review your application as soon as possible and reply within five business days.

You’ll receive an email once you’re accepted into the program with instructions on redeeming your startup benefits. You can access our tools and workshops for free for six months.

If you have any other questions.

Startup on the
right foot

Startup on the
right foot

With our advanced automation, analytics, and engagement solutions.