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We love our customers and won't let your suggestions go unheard or unanswered. We will fix any problems that arise and will have a response to all of your queries within 24 hours, guaranteed which is a rare thing at big companies like Hootsuite. We not only listen to your problems but also make our future roadmap according to your suggestion.

Easy scheduling with a user-friendly interface

SocialBu aims to make social media management less stressful by offering an easy-to-use interface. With a few simple clicks, anyone can manage multiple accounts on their dashboard with ease, giving them the power to take back some of that free time!

Easy scheduling with a user-friendly interface

Get the best quality at less prices

As a small business owner, you might feel like the sky-high prices of Hootsuite are just out of your budget. Luckily for you, there is an alternative in SocilBu which is not only affordable but has features that will help you stay within your budget. SocialBu lets you connect up to 150 social accounts and provides insights into how much time your social media posts take as well as what's working!

Schedule Twitter Threads for better enagagement

Your Twitter feed is about to get a lot more interesting! Tell a complete story by dividing your content into multiple tweets and schedule them all at once for your desired time. The functionality of dividing tweets into multiple tweets makes your content more readable as all of the content is lumped together. None of the other social media scheduling tools including Hootsuite offers this functionality.

Fully automate your social media

Make your life easy by automating tedious and repetitive tasks. This is where SocialBu comes in handy as we offer automation for any and every occasion imaginable without requiring manual input. If an event happens, these items are set to be automatically posted at predetermined intervals of time for maximum engagement with your audience!

Fully automate your social media

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