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Best prices for small teams and agencies

SocialBu beats AgoraPulse’s prices by proving better features at just $19, while AgoraPulse offers those at $199. Save your resources and level up your social media game.

Import and Schedule content in bulk

SocialBu is the best alternative to AgoraPulse because it enables you to schedule your content and images in bulk from one place. It's simple! Just upload a CSV file with the URLs of your images along with posts, and they will automatically be scheduled for you. This saves a ton of time and allows you to spend more valuable hours doing what matters most: creating engaging content for your audience.

Import and Schedule content in bulk

Customize your posts for each platform

Changes in your post content like hashtags and mentions not only strengthen your content but also help you reach a wider audience. This is why SocilaBu beats AgoraPulse because it enables you to customize your post for each platform. You can schedule Twitter threads, add the first comment to the Instagram post, and many other possibilities.

Customize your posts for each platform

We are avaialble 24/7 to solve your problems

SocialBu takes customer service to the next level by providing a comprehensive, no-hassle solution that is accessible 24 hours a day. We take care of everything from social media messaging to email communication and even mobile app queries. After suffering through countless unanswered emails and unmet expectations with other companies, this was exactly what we want to provide for our customers.

Remove all repetitive manual actions

This completely unique feature of SocialBu that AgoraPulse or any other social media tool provides is fully dynamic true automation of any social media scenario. Automating your social media posts is now a much simpler task and you can automate any scenario. This frees up your time to focus on other aspects of your business or just enjoy life!

Remove all repetitive manual actions

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