Supported Social Networks Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing, VK Facebook, Twitter. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google My Business
Post Scheduling Yes Yes Yes
Social Calendar Yes Yes Yes
Content Approvals Yes Yes Yes
Bulk Import Yes No Yes
Post Preview Yes Yes Yes
AI Content Generator No No Yes
Post Recycling Yes Yes Yes
Twitter Thread Scheduling No Yes Yes
Instagram Story Scheduling No Yes Yes
Instagram First Comment No No Yes
Auto Post From Rss Feeds Yes No Yes
Social Inbox No No Yes
Top Performing Posts No No Yes
Live Support No Yes Yes
Paid plans starting at $79/year, 3 accounts per social network $40/month, unlimited social media profiles $8/month, 4 social media profiles
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Blog2Social works with more social networks

In comparison to Gain, Blog2Social works with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing, VK.

Blog2Social has less features

In comparison to Blog2Social, Gain has more features.

Gain has many unique features

Gain has unique features like Twitter Thread Scheduling and Instagram Story Scheduling that are not available in Blog2Social.

Blog2Social also shines

Blog2Social has these features that are not available in Gain: Bulk Import and Auto Post From Rss Feeds.

Free plan and free trial

Blog2Social has a free plan. Both Blog2Social and Gain offer free trial on their paid plans.

Content planning with calendar

Both Blog2Social and Gain have Social Calendar for easy content planning.

Content approval workflow

Both Blog2Social and Gain have content approval workflow for easy content review within teams.

Generate AI content

Neither Blog2Social nor Gain have AI based content generator.

Schedule Instagram stories

Gain lets you schedule stories on Instagram which is not possible with Blog2Social.

Schedule Instagram posts with first comment

Neither Blog2Social nor Gain offer scheduling Instagram posts with first comment.

Schedule Twitter threads

Gain lets you schedule threads on Twitter which is not possible with Blog2Social.

Recycle your content - evergreen posting

Both Blog2Social and Gain have post recycling.

Import your social media content in bulk

Blog2Social supports importing content in bulk which is not possible with Gain.

Automatically post from RSS feeds

Blog2Social supports automatically posting content from RSS feeds which is not possible with Gain.

Team collaboration for your social media

Both Blog2Social and Gain have team collaboration feature.

Highly available live chat support

Gain has live chat support which is not available with Blog2Social.