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Save time by scheduling posts

Schedule and publish content across all your social networks in one place.
No matter how many social media profiles you manage, this is always going to be easy with SocialBu.

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Social Media Scheduling

All your conversations in one place

Respond to your messages, posts, and comments from within SocialBu.
No need to switch between different social networks again and again to keep up with your followers.

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Social Inbox

Listen to what they say about you

People talk a lot. Monitor your social media and listen to what they have to say about you or topics concerning you.
Never miss an opportunity to jump in.

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Social Media Monitoring and Listening

Truly automate your social media

Automate multiple scenarios and eliminate tedious tasks. The possibilities are endless...
It's no fun to do one simple thing again and again for everyone.

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Social Media Automation

Detailed insights for your social media

Analyze your social media performance in detail and see how you can improve it.

Social Media Insights
Team Collaboration

Work as a team

Collaborate and manage your social media as a team.
Together, you can move mountains!

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social media management for teams

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Streamline your social media workflow and save up to 80% of your time managing social media with SocialBu.

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