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Schedule and Publish Content

Schedule, publish and automate content for multiple social media accounts with SocialBu.
No matter how much social media profiles you manage, SocialBu makes it easier for you to publish content so that your social presence never gets old.

Interact With Your Audience

Your fans and audience deserve your attention. With SocialBu, you can monitor your social media and respond to messages and posts from your fans.
One unified interface which makes customer interactions easier.


Automate Your Social Media

Social Media affects you and your business. This is why SocialBu has Automations to help you manage your social media effectively.
With Automations, you can create simple automation rules which will keep your social media running.

There is more

It's never enough. That is why SocialBu has more to offer you. Explore now and you will find your heart at ease.


So you can work together.

Multiple Networks

Because you are everywhere.

Customer Support

That can amaze you.


That you can trust.

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