All your social media accounts at one place

No matter how many social media accounts you are managing. With SocialBu, you no longer have to worry about switching accounts back and forth.

Manage multiple social media accounts

Schedule your posts and save time

Schedule your social media posts beforehand and save time. You don't need to manually publish posts any more.

Scheduled posts

Draft your posts and refine them

Draft your posts and publish them once they are ready. You can always refine, expand upon, and modify your initial posts. This will let you organize your content into a meaningful flow

draft posts in socialbu

Manage multiple brands

Manage multiple brands without any hassle. You can create separate teams for each brand. Separate handling will let you focus on a single corporate brand that includes multiple social media accounts.

draft posts in socialbu

Review your posts before they get published

Post approvals make it easy to review content before it gets published. It lets you ensure that wherever gets published by your team members is aligned with your social media strategy.

Post approvals

Leave first comment for Instagram

Automatically add a first comment after your media is publsihed to Instagram.You can add hashtags in your posts without crowding the caption.

Enjoy increased engagement with auto-suggested hashtags in the first comment.

leave first comment

Bulk upload content

Accelerate the process and save time by scheduling posts and stories in bulk. You can spend the saved time on building strategy and growing follower base on your social media.

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bulk upload posts

Social media content calendar

Visualize all your published and scheduled content so you can plan, manage, and streamline your social media strategy effectively. It helps you maintain content quality and consistency of posting.

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social calendar

Post from RSS

Save time and automate content posting from RSS feeds.Receive the posts right away and automatically publish them on your social media pages. It will help you share quality content and drive free traffic to your pages.

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post from rss

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