Save Time and Energy by Recycling Posts

You don't have to spend a lot of time scheduling the same post again and again. With SocialBu, repeat a single or a queue of posts for as long as you want at your desired times.

Create Multiple Categories

Divide your posts into multiple categories by creating different queues. Create these queues based on different campaigns and brands.

Republish a post as much as you want

You can set the posts to be published as much times as you want. Republish relevant content consistently on your social media without having to worry about anything.

Flexible Scheduling Slots

Repeat your posts by setting flexible scheduling slots. You can recycle posts daily, weekly or monthly. You have full control.

Expire Posts After a Certain Time

Don't let your posts go out of control. Posts can be stopped after a certain date or after being published a certain number of times by setting a start and end date.

Reach wider audience

With multiple posting schedules and post recycling, your content can reach maximum audience and have increased reach and discoverability.

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