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Automate content publishing to your social media

Publish from RSS feeds to your social media without any hassle. Auto-post content to all your social media accounts with SocialBu Automation.

Share your blog posts and drive traffic

With SocialBu, keep your social media audience updated with your blog updates and new blog posts. Drive traffic from your social media to your blog.

Fully customizable post format and schedule

Customize social media posts to include any keyword, hashtag, or content format that you want. You set how your post will look and when it will be posted.

Curate and share content from relevant sources

You can publish from any RSS feed so that you never run out of engaging content to share with your social media audience.

Publish Instantly

Simply publish to your social media accounts whenever there is a new post or item available in an RSS feed.

Queue For Later

With SocialBu Queues, add the new post to a queue which is customizable and publish content according to your own schedule.

What People Say

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The most efficient and convenient social media marketing platform and at the same time, cheaper than others. I think it has solved many of my problems while managing multiple brands.

Umair Hamza, Social Media Agency

SocialBu is really a great tool, and the price is unmatchable. Couldn’t thank the team at SocialBu for having this tool available for me!

Yauheni Pachka, Instagram Growth Agency

This is the best tool I have ever used. I have tried a number of tools but always had some problem with them. This is working best for me. Highly recommended!

Shahbaz Langah, Small Business Owner

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