Schedule and Publish Content From One Place

Multiple social media accounts

No matter how many accounts you are managing.

Schedule content and save time

You don't need to manually publish posts any more. Bulk import is also supported.

Manage multiple brands

Efficiently publish content for multiple brands.

Review posts before they go out

Post approvals make it easy to review content before publishing.

social media publishing

One Inbox For All Your Social Media Conversations

All your conversations

You don't need to switch between multiple social media accounts to keep up with the messages.

Track and monitor conversations

Monitor keywords and hash tags and jump into the conversations that you care about.

Collaborate as a team

Efficiently manage your conversations as a team.

social media inbox for all your social media accounts

Truly Automate Your Social Media

Multiple events to choose from

Example events include incoming message, new comment, new follower, rss feed update, webhook and so on.

Fully dynamic conditions

Specify multiple conditions to check before your automation is executed.

Perform multiple actions

When your automation is executed, all your specified actions will be performed.

Full customization with Data Placeholders

Use data placeholder tags to automatically add data in your automation rules.

social media automation

Detailed Insights For Your Social Media

Analyze your posts performance

Monitor and analyze how your content is performing on your social media

Your growth is in check

See how your social media fan base is growing over time


Multiple types of reports for your decision making intelligence

social media automation

Collaborate And Manage Your Social Media As A Team

Team collaboration made easy

Collaborate with your team members to publish content efficiently. You don't need to share passwords with your team members any more.

Manage multiple brands

Manage as many accounts and as many brands as you want from one place. Create as many teams as you want.

Review your posts before they get published

Post approvals make it easy to review content before it gets published.

collaborate as a team

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