15+ Ways to Get More Twitter Followers Organically

Twitter is one of the largest social media platforms with 330 million monthly active users. It enables you to reach your target market and engage with your audience. Thus, it should be a part of your social media marketing strategy.

To get maximum ROI from Twitter, it is mandatory to actively grow your audience on it. It’s synonymous with growing the business. A huge list of fans and followers shows the brand’s credibility. It increases your brand awareness and helps generating more sales as a result.

Ways to Get More Twitter Followers Organically

All the marketers struggle for one thing and that is gaining Twitter followers. The competition is high as there are millions of tweets on the platform every day. But if you want to connect with the target audience, here are 15+ ways to do so;

1. Optimize Your Twitter Profile

First tip to get more followers is to optimize your profile. People check your profile to decide whether its worth following or not. So, make sure that your profile is attractive. An attractive profile picture or company logo is a good idea to showcase yourself in a sleek way.

Concentrate on your Twitter bio. Twitter offers 160 characters for bio, so use them wisely. Tell about your business, location, and add link of your website.

Your profile should show who are you, what is your business, what you talk about, etc. So, profile visitors know what to expect from you. Marsha Collier‘s Twitter profile is an excellent example.

2. Follow the 80/20 Rule

You might wonder what the 80/20 rule is. It means 80% of the tweets should be non-promotional whereas 20% of content can be promotional. Sharing industry news, insights relevant to your niche is non-promotional content. Whereas when you talk about your business, it’s promotional content.

It’s completely ok to post promotional content only, but it will limit your growth as users don’t follow accounts that post promotional content only.

3. Interact More with your Snipe List

What is the snipe list?

Snipe list is a private list of 10-20 key influencers (big accounts) in your niche/market.

To create a snipe list, visit these influencer’s profiles and add them to a private list.

Now, interact with them more and more. Comment at least 10 times daily on these influencer tweets. Your comments should add value to the tweet. If you can’t offer value, don’t comment then.

Keep doing so for a week or more. You will notice some of them start engaging with you, keep them on the list and remove others from the list. Add new influencers to the list. And repeat this mechanism again. This way, your account will start growing faster and you will make connections with influencers as well.

You must keep the following things in mind while interacting with the snipe list.

  • Do not spam their reply section.
  • Do not add monosyllable replies.
  • Do not mention them, you will not get a reply in the early days (mostly).
  • Do not add a reply if you are late. It will not add any value to your Twitter account.

4. Tweet Consistently

Posting multiple times a day is essential. According to Moz, the average life span of tweets is 18 minutes, so increasing the frequency is necessary to increase the visibility of your profile. Doing this will ultimately increase your followers.

A picture is worth a thousand words. This statement holds true for Twitter as well. Posting informative content in the form of visuals like images, videos, or GIFs brings more engagement. If you are stuck with tweet ideas, repurposing your blog posts is another great idea.

5. Engage with Your Followers

Twitter is all about making connections with the audience. Followers feel valued when you engage with them. They reciprocate this with even more engagement. This gives more exposure to your content which increases your followers respectively. So, engaging with your followers is a great way to grow on Twitter.

Check your notifications daily and respond to mentions and retweets. Say thanks for the retweets and send a reply to the company’s mentions in a tweet.

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6. Repost Best Tweets

Some tweets get more engagement as compared to others. Don’t let them go, use them again and again. Most of the time, tweets that spark engagement have the ability to do the same unless it’s not evergreen stuff. Twitter analytics provides the information on tweets with high engagement. Recycle these tweets. And the best way to recycle evergreen content is SocialBu. Setup a custom queue to schedule and publish evergreen content. Here are the simple steps to set up the feature for repeated tweet publishing:

1. Go to the “Publish” tab. Proceed to the “Queues”.

2. Create a queue by giving a name to it.

3. “Add post” you want to publish repeatedly.

4. Select the account from the “Select” dropdown menu.

5. Select the option for monthly or weekly from the “Monthly” dropdown menu.

6. Select the months and days to publish the post.

7. Schedule it.

7. Encourage Your Readers to Follow You

It’s an easy hack to get more followers.

You can do it in multiple ways:

  • Add social profile links in the footer of your website. Just like SocialBu is doing

  • Add it in your newsletter footer, so your subscribers can follow you

  •  Some blogs add author on the top of the article whereas others add at the end of a blog post. It doesn’t matter whether you add author details at the top or bottom, just add your Twitter profile link there. Here is an example from Morning Brew;

8. Use a Social Media Scheduling Tool

Social media scheduling tools have many benefits. It saves a lot of your time and hassle. By planning and scheduling tweets in advance, you won’t have to worry about planning content each day. This will help you be more consistent which will put a great impact on your Twitter account.

With social media scheduling tools like SocialBu, you can easily schedule your tweets as well as threads, schedule content in bulk by using a CSV file, repost viral content, post the same content across multiple platforms in one click, and much more. The social media scheduling tools also help you reach your targeted audience at the time they are the most active. You can also deeply analyze what type of content your followers engage more.

9. Embed Tweets in Blog Posts

Writing a blog isn’t enough. You have to promote it as well. You can facilitate the audience to retweet what they like by embedding them in the blog posts. You can also use Clicktotweet which serves this purpose in a different way.

10. Add Twitter Handle in Email Signature

Emails are a great way of communication. People, as well as businesses, use emails for communication. Just add your Twitter profile link in the email signatures. This way, you can bring some extra followers.

11. Monitor and Respond to Keywords

To keep up with the trends, it’s mandatory to keep an eye on the keywords and hashtags relevant to your niche and brand. Real-time monitoring helps you in responding to the mentions and sparking conversations with your customers. This engagement brings more visibility to your profile. SocialBu offers keyword monitoring. Start using it to monitor how the audience talks about your brand and engage with mentions as well.

12. Tweet at the Best Time

Tweeting at peak time is the simplest way to increase your organic reach. This increase in organic reach results in more engagement and followers. Check out the best time to post on Twitter so you can post at the peak times for your industry.

13. Check Your Twitter Analytics

Analytics is a great way to keep an eye on the performance of your tweets. Check your account analytics by visiting analytics.twitter.com Then by evaluating the data through Twitter analytics, you can devise a content plan to grow on Twitter.

Twitter analytics provides information about the number of tweets, tweet impressions, profile visits, and an increase in the number of followers at a specific time.

In monthly overview, it shows top tweet, top mention, top follower and top media tweet as well. You can also view the tweet activity of your all tweets in one place or check each tweet analytics individually by clicking on “View Tweet Activity” for each tweet. This way you can understand which content gets more engagement. Try to create more similar content. This will increase your engagement and will bring in more followers organically.

14. Run a Contest

Contest is one of the best ways to develop an awareness of your brand, attract new audiences, and reward loyal followers. Running a contest on Twitter brings similar results as well.

Contests drive powerful actions such as follow accounts, retweets and replies to the tweets. This helps to reach the target audience as when followers enter a contest, these tweets appear in their friend’s timeline as well, which urges them to take action and enter to win. This creates a chain reaction if you have a good following on Twitter already.

Before running a contest, define your contest goal? Brand awareness or a new product promotion or what it is. Then choose an attractive prize considering your audience’s interests. Then set up terms and conditions to enter the contest. Personally, I like “retweet and follow” to enter the contest. This “follow” part increases your followers rapidly and “retweet” brings more brand awareness and contest participants. @levelsio did a MacBook Pro contest in December 2019, he ended up with 10K new followers on Twitter.

15. Consider a Quote Tweet Over a Retweet

Retweeting a tweet by adding your personal view or response is known as a Quote tweet.  It’s an exceptional way of engaging with other users. It also displays your response to the followers and serves to begin a conversation. To know more about quote tweets, check this detailed article.

16. Share Other’s Content

Share the content of influential figures and industry leaders on your timeline by mentioning them. It will portray your Twitter profile as an insightful resource to get valuable information. It also strengthens your bond with the influencers which can be beneficial for you in the future. Later on, you can ask them to share your content to reach more people. But always follow the rule, “give more than you take”.

Final Words

Growing on Twitter is easier than you think.

All you have to do is set basics first i.e. optimizing your Twitter profile.

Then start interacting with influencers and your followers. A snipe list is an excellent way to interact with influencers.

Consistency is the best way to grow your Twitter. Post more content consistently and use a social media scheduling tool to keep your profile active.

These methods will consistently grow your following on Twitter. But if you want to do it super fast, then running a contest or advertising on Twitter will be helpful. With advertising, you can attract targeted followers whereas contest brings more followers but they are random followers.


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Eisha Mirza
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