How to promote your blog: 25 Tried and Tested, Pro Tips

how to promote your blog

It is indeed true that the success of blogs depends on how well put together, informative, and unique the content in your blog is. However, the correct promotion of your blogs plays an equally important role in taking your blogs to the top of searches. So if you also want to know some tried and tested tips to promote your blogs for maximum results, then you’re at the right place. Because in this article, we will present 25+ pro tried and tested blog promotion tips and tricks. So, without any further delay, let’s start right away!

1. Emails were, are, and will always be elite!

No matter how many promotional platforms are available today, email remains superior when promoting your blogs to your subscribers. To ensure the high results of this tried and tested promotional method, let us tell you that according to surveys, the number of daily emails is expected to rise from 281 billion in 2018 to over 347 billion in 2023.

It would be best if you always remembered that all the people interested in your content and who want more of it have subscribed to your blog. So, they are expecting new updates from you. This is why email promotions and notifications have always been an elite way of promoting your blogs.


2. Leverage Social Media Marketing

Social media is the new era of marketing and promotion. And there is no doubt in that fact, right! So leveraging social media for your blog promotion is a great way to increase your viewers and engage with your subscribers.

You can effortlessly get more shares and drive more traffic to your blog. However, for this, you’ll need an efficient social media strategy. You’ll need to create a visible social media presence first. Some tips for that are given below;

  • Promote your social media sites.
  • Create and post engaging and unique content,
  • Keep your followers engaged.
  • Choose the most relevant social media networks according to your blog’s niche.

Tip: You can use the help of awesome social media tools like SocialBu to bring your social media marketing strategy to life and get your desired results. SocialBu offers useful features like RSS feed automation. With this feature, you can easily create fully dynamic automation rules to support your social media and eliminate repetitive tasks.

Social Media Marketing

Instagram stories are one of the top ways of marketing using social media. Learn more about how you can create awesome stories in our blog; 11 Fun Instagram Story Games Ideas For Your Followers

Promoting your blogs will be super easy once you have built a successful social media presence.

Use Social Media to promote blogs

3. Make your content shareable.

Shareable content is one of the best ways of efficiently promoting your blogs without spending a single penny. But for that, you don’t only have to get readers to view your blog, but you also have to make exciting content for readers to get inspired by it and share. You need to make your content easy to understand for people.

It has to be clear enough about the topic you are writing about. For example, suppose you are writing about pharmaceuticals; you need to write in accordance with how people in that field can understand it. Keep your target audience in your mind constantly, and while writing, make sure your writing style fits them. This is indeed an evergreen blog promotion way!

shareable content

4. Use Push Notifications to reach Non Subscribers

There are a lot of viewers who love your content, but due to one reason or another, they don’t want to subscribe to your mailing list. For that, a superb alternative way is to send out push notifications to them.

You can easily send alerts to your regular viewers about your new blogs or any other updates by using push notifications. You can also use tools like “PushEngage” to send notifications to your subscriber’s browsers even if they’re not present on your website.

Tip: Writing detailed content never gets old. When people get notified of detail-filled, unique content-packed blogs, they would definitely click on them!

Content length

5. Try utilizing general social bookmarking sites.

Reddit and Flipboard are the top examples of social bookmarking sites. These platforms let you post your favorite content. Then you can use “tags” to organize that content. Other users of the platforms will then be able to add your posts to their boards and share them with their audience.

These platforms usually have a voting system too. So if your posts get a lot of votes, that means that people are interested in what your blogs are all about. This will help new people discover your blog, and your viewers will ultimately increase. So this is also a nice tip for blog promotion.

How to Use Reddit for Blog Promotion

6. Promote Blogs on Quora

Web forums like Quora are also an outstanding source for driving traffic to your blogs. These forums are online communities that enable you to establish your authority. You can do this by sharing and publishing valuable content.

Unfortunately, many don’t allow you to link directly to your blog posts, so you’ll have to commit to conversations and ensure you have a great author bio that has a link to your site.

Tip: You can test this search to find a relevant forum: “intitle: forum {niche}.

Use Quora for blog promotion

7. Build links to your blog site – Guest Posting

After you have figured out the ins and outs of your blog, it’s time to start building links to your site. And hey! Remember “ORGANIC” links because organic links are essential for ranking on Google. So if you want these solid results, you should start investing in link-building.

Trust me, building organic links is one of the top ways to make sure that you’re formulating a profitable, long-term SEO strategy for your blog. Of course, one of the best, most recommended ways of building backlinks is guest posting.

8. Build connections with influencers.

Contacting influencers in your niche is also a fantastic way of promoting your blogs. Influencers have an audience that loves following all their recommendations. So, if you want to get some solid backlinks and promote blogs, then reaching out to influencers can be a game-changing idea. Now the tricky bit is getting an influencer to say “yes.”

You have to put in serious effort and build a relationship with the influencer before asking them for a favor. It would help if you also put in something for their benefit, like mentioning them in your blog or putting their social media links. This will help you build beneficial, long-term relations with the influencers.

Build connections with influencers for blog promotion

9. Network on related or similar blogs (collab with other blogs)

A Lot of bloggers think that it is not worth it to leave a comment on someone else’s blog post as they believe that it won’t help their blog in any way. This is correct, but it is still worthwhile because leaving a comment or engaging with somebody else’s blog makes you noticeable in the eyes of other bloggers, which results in cultivating new relationships within your community.

Engaging with other blogs helps you in so many ways, like you being noticed, you get chances of collaboration, and it doesn’t even take that much time, and you don’t need to pay any money for this. Also, when other bloggers notice you and want to work with you, your content will be promoted on their blog too, which is totally worth it. it is awesome blog promotion.

10. Use the heat maps

Heat maps make your user’s experience exceptional. They are an excellent visual way to combine your data into insights and improve your work. Websites show you the features users engage with and rank them from “cold” to “hot” using different colors.

The exceptional experience your viewers will get will naturally make them come back to your site. Excellent promotion, right!

11. Create Newsletters

Newsletters are fantastic for promoting blogs and new posts. There are tons of formats and layouts that you can choose from to create your newsletters. However, simple and easy-to-understand newsletters are the best choice.

Like no super fancy intros, images, graphics, etc., neat and simple with a clear message. Trust me, these kinds of newsletters work the best.
Creating Newsletter for blog promotion

12. Use online paid advertisements.

If you have set aside a budget for your blog promotion and want to drive traffic to your site seriously, then online paid advertisements are an excellent option for you. You have to pay for advertisement spots online and attract internet traffic to your blog in this method. It is a tried and tested way of promoting your blog and getting solid desired results.

13. Try reciprocal sharing sites.

Another great option for blog promotion is reciprocal sharing sites. Using this method, you have to share other users’ content on your social media accounts to promote your blog posts. One of the leading reciprocal sharing platforms is “Triberr.”

This tool lets you effortlessly and quickly grow a significant audience, find unique posts to share with your readers, and connect with other bloggers as well. In addition, you can include relevant images and graphics while promoting your blogs here so that it is eye-catchy and exciting.

14. Observe your competitors

Before you start promoting your content excessively, you need to ask yourself, “am I producing content that other bloggers aren’t?”. Uniqueness is the key to getting readers interested in your blog and sharing it. First, search what kind of blogs are being posted in your niche.

You need to do enough research and check what other bloggers are writing. Then, note what others have not written yet. And include that in your blogs.

15. Identify Your Target Audience

Before blogging, many bloggers don’t take the time to identify who their target audience really is. And this becomes a challenge for them. So, getting to know your target audience will help you promote your blogs the right way.

And the right way will be to reach your target audience as quickly as possible. You can find your target audience through online communities and social media. Just ask yourself a few questions like the following, and you’ll be able to find your target audience easily.;

  • What do you feel those individuals will like about your blog?
  • How can you use your unique strengths & experiences to assist them?
  • What are you giving them that makes them desire to keep coming back?

It is a time-consuming and effort-worthy task; however, once you have identified your target audience, the promotion of your blog will become a much easier and hassle-free task with awesome results. Trust me it is one of the best blog promotion ways!

16. Redirect First-Time Commenters to a Thank You Page

Another excellent tip is redirecting first-time commenters to a “ThankYou Page.” This will make them realize that you value their feedback, and we all know every fan wants to get noticed by their favorites. So make your viewers feel special. You can make them feel welcomed and important with a thank you page. Trust me on this one; it WORKS!

Thank You Page

17. Use the Right Tools and Resources to Make Promoting Your Blog Easier

Promoting your blog is not as easy as you think it is. It can actually be quite challenging to keep up as new promotion strategies keep coming up and others fade totally. You always need to check and keep yourself updated with the latest promotional strategies and experiment with them. This is where tools come in.

They help you keep up with other creators as you are able to produce quality content faster with blogging tools. Then when you have confirmed what strategies work for you, you can keep taking advantage of them.

Use the Right Tools for blog promotion

18. Blogger Outreach

Blogger outreach is just like influencer marketing. It’s a way of asking for help or collaborating with influential people in your niche. This method is focused on creating content partnerships that are beneficial to both parties. It is one of the top, most effective ways to promote your blogs efficiently and grab as much traffic on your site as possible.

Overall, building good relations with influential people in your niche will be helpful to you all along your journey. You will be able to boost your online presence rapidly, and your content will be able to reach a wider audience.

19. Reuse your old/existing content

You need to learn one easy way to promote your blog: to use your already existing and posted content. Check your blog posts and see where most of the readers are landing and use that fact for your own advantage. Internal links are also vital because it passes around the positive SEO benefits that you experience whenever your blog gains popularity.

20. Focus on what’s trending!

Focus on what type of blog promotion styles and techniques are trending and apply them. For example, people absolutely love Instagram stories these days. So, promoting your blogs on Instagram stories in a fun and creative way will lead all your Insta fam to your blog site.

This will ultimately help in boosting your traffic and getting organic viewership. So, it is essential and highly recommended to keep a sharp focus on trending stuff and the best way is to observe what other top bloggers are doing.

Kind of content blogger publishes

21. Use RSS Feeds

RSS is a standard platform that is an epicentre for many users worldwide. As a result, it is one of the most useful ways for blog advertisement to date. A useful RSS feed can lead up to a global audience and boost the chances of new readers seeing your content.

In the early phases of social media, RSS feeds effectively promote your blog content. Even today, the RSS feed has gained its own prominence in blog promotions.

22. Youtube is the Way!

Youtube is one of the biggest platforms that is used for promotional activities. For example, you can create short, interesting youtube videos and then add your links in the description box to promote your blogs. This way, you can get significant traffic to your site.

Tip: It would be much better if you have an account with the same name as your blog.

However, the youtube idea works well with specific niches like travel, food, tech, etc., and not so well with some. But overall, a lot of niches have this option to promote their blogs. It is also recommended to use high-quality footage and audio in your promotional videos to attract a lot of viewers and ultimately get them to subscribe to your channel as well.

youtube: best medium for blog promotion

23. Try Podcasts

Just like youtube videos, podcasts are a great way of promoting your blogs in a fun way. As you might know, podcasts are super trendy these days and have a vast audience. So it is definitely an interesting and exciting idea of promotion. A pro tip is to build good relations with podcasters and podcast advertising companies so that you can use this method of promoting your blog easily.

In a simple podcast, you get an opportunity to speak about different things that are happening in your ecosystem. You can talk about the new stuff, and somewhere during the talk, you can plug in your product, and it can help you promote that as well!

how to use podcast for blog promotion

24. Blog exchange

Blog exchange means swapping your blogs with another blogger in return for another blogger’s article. This contribution enriches blog promotion mutually for both parties. However, good relations with other bloggers are essential for blog exchanges. This is because only with good relations will we be able to benefit from this concept mutually, and it will be a fantastic promotion for both of you.

25. Take part in blog contests.

To take your blog one step further than everyone else’s is to participate in blogging contests. Not only will you be able to share your content with a much bigger audience. You will also be able to promote your upcoming blogs.

This is because every viewer of that contest will see what your blogs are all about. And if your blogs catch their eye, they will visit your site and will ultimately become regular viewers.


With the various blog promotion tips and tricks mentioned in our article above, it is highly impossible to use all of them at once. And not all of them work great for all niches. So, now it’s up to you to pick out the most relevant ones to your niche or those that come in your budget and apply them.

We assure you that you will not be disappointed with the results of these tactics. Slowly but surely, you will be able to reach your goals and get your blog to reach a vast audience.

Eisha Mirza
Eisha Mirza
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