How to Delete a Comment on TikTok Quickly and Easily

how to delete a comment on TikTok

Are you tired of negative comments on your TikTok videos? Do you want to learn how to delete a comment on TikTok before anyone sees it? As TikTok’s popularity continues to rise, so does the need to manage your comments effectively.

Whether it’s to remove negative comments, inappropriate content, or spam, knowing how to delete comments on TikTok is vital for any user. In this article, we’ll guide you through the steps for deleting comments on TikTok and provide some tips for managing your comments.

Using the App

You can delete a comment on TikTok under two conditions.

  1. The comment is under your video.
  2. It is your comment on someone’s video.

You cannot delete someone else’s comment from TikTok. So let’s see how to delete a comment on TikTok.

  1. Open the TikTok video from where you want to delete the comment.
  2. Then click on the comment icon on the side of the video. It looks like a ‘chat’ or ‘bubble’ icon.
  3. Then select the comment you want to delete and press and hold it for a second or two.
  4. A dialogue box will open. Click on “Delete.”
  5. The comment will be no more.

Delete Multiple Comments

You can also delete multiple comments from your video.

  1. For this, open the video and go to the comments section.
  2. There is a pencil-like option on the top-left side of the comments section.
  3. Click on it, and bubbles will appear on the left side of each comment.
  4. Then you can check the bubbles for the comments you want to delete.
  5. Once selected and checked all the bubbles you want to delete, then click on the ‘Delete’ option present below.

It is how to delete a comment on TikTok when there are too many.

Using a Desktop Browser

You can also use TikTok on the browser. So if you want to delete the comment using the browser,

  1. Just log in from the browser.
  2. Open the video from where you want to delete the comment.
  3. Find the comment you want to delete.
  4. It will have the “three dots” sign on the right side.
  5. Click on the sign and delete from the options.

Tips for Deleting Comments on TikTok

If you are a creator or a business on TikTok, you might have thought of deleting someone’s comment too often.

But here are some things you must consider before deleting anyone’s comment under your video.

1. Be Mindful of the Commenter

Before deleting the comment, think of the commentator first and consider why they commented on something you may not like.

Does the person have an interest in your content but dislike the concept or gesture of the particular video? Then you must think twice before deleting the comment. You can lose a genuine follower.

Consider replying to them instead.

2. Consider Replying

As mentioned above, you should consider replying to negative comments under specific circumstances. It shows that you are ready to interact with the audience and listen to what they say.

Also, your gesture can help dissolve the tension. Either you understand the perspective of those commenting, or they get yours. Sometimes, these are actually amusing comments to interact with.

3. Don’t Engage with Trolls

But if there is another case and the person is trying to mess with you by trolling or posting hate content, you shouldn’t engage with them. No one likes unnecessary drama. Do not reply to their comments and delete them if needed.

4. Monitor Your Comments Regularly

Also, you should check your comments section from time to time. You must keep an eye on what people are saying about your content, brand, or product. This way, you can handle any hateful situation before it escalates to something else.

5. Set Aside Time for Moderation

As a creator or business on TikTok, you must have some time dedicated to the overall moderation of your channel or account. Check the comments under your videos and review every message received from the past 24 hours.

It will help you keep everything under notice. It is also one of the essential steps to help you blow up on TikTok.

6. Use Tools to Filter Comments

You can always use in-app tools to avoid such hateful situations.

Hide Comments

Suppose you do not want anyone to comment under your option. You can also use it when you do not want to delete all the comments under your video.

  1. Go to your video, and click the ‘three dots’ under the share icon.
  2. Then click on” privacy settings.”
  3. From there, you can toggle off the feature “Allow comments’.
  4. It will hide all the comments under your video.

However, anytime you want to unhide the comments, you can always return and turn the feature back on.

Filter Comments

Another thing you can do is filter the comments if you do not want any trouble.

  1. Open your profile settings.
  2. Go to the ‘Settings and Privacy.’
  3. Click on the ‘Privacy.”
  4. Find and then tap on the “comments” option.

Here you can find options like who can comment under your videos. You can also set some keywords to refrain someone from using profanity language. When you enter specific keywords and someone comments under your videos using them, TikTok will automatically filter the comment.

If you have set the filters for the comments, you can review and approve or delete them.

  1. For this, you will have to go to the privacy settings.
  2. Then go to the comments section.
  3. Click on the review-filtered comments.
  4. Then you can see the comments and either delete them permanently or approve them under your video.


In conclusion, learning to delete comments on TikTok is essential for any user. Following the steps outlined in this article, you can quickly and easily remove unwanted comments from your videos, creating a more favorable environment for you and your followers.

Remember to be mindful of the commenter and regularly monitor and manage your comments, so you can maintain a healthy and engaging presence and take control of your TikTok experience!

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