Instagram Reels Duration: How Long Can They Be?

how long are ig reels

In a world of fast-paced video consumption, Instagram Reels have become the go-to bite-sized entertainment. These short videos, Reels, have pushed the limits of creativity, leading to steep competition. How long is IG Reels length is one question that many content creators ponder before starting to make Reels.

Reels length is not a one-size-fits-all concept. It depends on what you want to achieve with your content, who you are targeting, how you want to express yourself, and what your audience expects from you.

In this article, we will unravel everything about Instagram reel length and the growing possibilities they unlock. Let’s dive in!

Why is Instagram Reel length important?

Ig reels length

The length of your IG Reels is more important than you ever thought. It play a significant role in how people engage with your content. Ideally, the main target of your Reels is to make the audience rewatch it multiple times. You also want people to like, share, and comment for a better reach.

Reel length can make a difference in your engagement. It can influence how your audience reacts to your content, and whether they will follow you or not. Therefore, let’s look at why Reel’s length can impact its success in getting higher engagements.

User engagement and attention span

Short-video content is dominating the internet, and internet users want to see video content that is fast, valuable, and fun. That said, shorter Reels, typically around 15-25 seconds, are most likely to gain the user’s attention compared to the longer ones.

Too lengthy Reels might divert users’ attention and force them to scroll over. This negatively affects the Instagram algorithm, signaling Instagram that your content isn’t worthwhile.

Also, you should never sacrifice the quality of your Reels for the sake of keeping them just short. Longer Reels can be more engaging too if you have a great storytelling technique to hook the viewers. This is an excellent strategy to improve your engagement and reach new audiences.

Algorithmic promotion and discoverability

To make the Instagram algorithm work on your side, you need to find the optimal length for your Reels. The optimal length of your Reels depends on what your aim is, what niche you are in, and what content you create.

You can try different lengths and see the feedback from your followers. Longer Reels may not get enough attention from the algorithm because they tend to have lower retention rates.

Storytelling and content relevance

The length of your Instagram Reels relies on its storyline and content. For instance, if your product demo video lasts six seconds or less without providing any great value, it becomes irrelevant to the audience.

People might unfollow you and scroll down without paying any attention. What’s worse is Instagram will take this as a sign that your content isn’t engaging.

How long can a reel be on Instagram in 2023?

how long are ig reels

Now that we know why Instagram’s reel length is important, let’s go through how long can a reel be in 2023? As per Instagram, Reels can be anywhere between 15 to 90 seconds long, assuming that the Reels were recorded using Instagram’s camera.

However, when you upload Reels from your media or with a top scheduling app, you get the flexibility of uploading Reels from 3 seconds to 15 minutes long.

How to set up your Reels’ length

Changing the Reel length is as simple as every Instagram feature. The default time limit for Reels is 90 seconds, but you can adjust it to 60 or 90 seconds, depending on how you prefer your Reels.

Here’s how will set up your Reel’s length:

  1. Open Instagram apps on your phone and tap on the Reels icon at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Select the camera icon in the top-right corner of the screen; this will open up the Instagram camera.

how long are ig reels

  1. On the left side of the screen, tap the circle-shaped icon with 30 inside. circle-shaped icon for Reel lengths
  2. When you click it, a pop-up window will appear with four of the same icons but with different number lengths, 15, 30,60, and 90 seconds.

Circle shaped icons with different number lengths, 15, 30,60, and 90 seconds.

  1. Once you have selected your desired Reel length, you can film and edit your Reels.

How to schedule a Reel with SocialBu

Scheduling Reels will take your Instagram Reels game to the next level. With SocialBu, you will efficiently auto-publish ‌your Reel. This simplifies your scheduling and lets you put more effort into creating quality content. So you don’t have to stress about posting at the right time.

To schedule your Reels using SocialBu, make sure your Instagram business account is connected through Facebook.

To schedule Instagram Reels, follow these simple steps:

  1. Tap the ‘+Create’ button at the top-right side and click ‘New post.’

SocialBu's Website

  1. Select the Instagram account(s) from the composer

selecting Instagram account(s) from the composer on SocialBu website

  1. Choose the video you want to be posted as Reels

  1. Click on “All Options” at the bottom right side of the compose

SocialBu's website with New Post tab

  1. Tick the box “Post as Reel.”

"Post as Reel." on SocialBu's website

  1. Lastly, to schedule your Reel, click on the “schedule” button to select the date and time to post later or click on “Post Now” to be posted right away.

What’s the best Instagram Reel length for high engagement?

There’s no perfect length for Instagram Reels to outperform. According to Adam Mosseri, the CEO of Instagram, Reels need to be engaging and entertaining to rank higher. So, if the content in the Reels is valuable to the audience, it will probably receive high engagement and go viral on Instagram.

Legitimately, there’s no hard rule to dig into the question of  how long can a reel be on Instagram. The best ig reels length depends on three factors: the type of content you post on your feed, how suitable that length is for that content, and what your audience prefers.

To master Instagram Reels, it’s important to know that a good Instagram reel is always based on its content, not its length. If the content is not engaging and provides no value, it will always underperform regardless of its length.

How to find the best Instagram Reel length for your audience

Knowing what your audience prefers will help you decide your ig Reels length. However, it will take loads of time and error to figure out the best Instagram Reel length for you. Don’t just keep posing random Reels to find the best Reels’ length.

Take your time to analyze your performance; you will quickly identify what works for you. Therefore, we have listed some best practices to help you find the best Reel length for your account.

Check what’s working for your competitors

Consistently monitor competitors in order to stay one step ahead of everyone. Look into the Reels they publish, the audio they include in them, and which ones achieve the best results.

Once you have gathered valuable insights, start building your Reels strategy. Keep your Reels in the limelight by being original and creative while staying up-to-date with current trends

Most of all, look at what type of hashtags Instagram influencers are using; Hashtags for Reels play a big part in reaching new audiences. With the right hashtag, your Reels will skyrocket on the discovery tab.

Test different Reel lengths

How long are ig reels? Short Reels or long Reels? It’s impossible to know what’s working for you without testing them. While short Reels might be the safer option to start with, creating long Reels with a strategic approach can help you achieve higher engagement and reach levels.

Short, fast-paced Reels are an excellent choice for content creators just starting. However, Longer Reels can be effective, too, if you have a strong storyline that hooks the viewers.

Analyze your past performance

Once you have your Reels getting engagements, analyze their performance even better. Which Reel lengths are performing well? Which are getting more likes and shares?

Tracking the performance of your Instagram Reels can help you understand more of what’s working for your Reels. So when you’re using insights into the best-performing Reel lengths, pay attention to these metrics:

  • Plays: The total number of times your Reel has been played. This will be higher than the likes and accounts reached and is a great way to see whether your Reel is performing well.
  • Account reached: The number of Instagram users who viewed your Reels.
  • Likes: The number of likes your Reels received.
  • Comments: The number of comments on your Reel.
  • Saves: The number of saves on your Reels.

How to view Reels Insights

Instagram’s built-in insights tab is a great feature to know how your Reels are performing.

To access your Instagram Reels Insights,

  1. On your Instagram profile page, tap on the menu icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Instagram setting's page

  1. Tap on “insights”.

Instagram insights tab

  1. Select “content you shared” to view your insights.

Last 7-day insights for Instagram

It’s important to note that Reel Insights are only available for business and creator accounts.

Analyze with SocialBu

Use SocialBu, the ultimate social media management tool, to track your Reels’ performance and make data-driven decisions to boost your engagement levels.


We have answered the often asked question “how long are ig reels” in this article. Knowing the right strategies for your Instagram Reel will help you land on the discover tab and unveil your content to a wider audience. Are you looking to boost your Instagram growth strategy? SocialBu is your all-in-one solution for all your Instagramming needs. From scheduling content to automating, it’s the one-stop destination to elevate your social media presence.


How long are ig Reels?

Reels can last anywhere from 15 to 90 seconds, presuming that they were captured with Instagram’s camera. However, Reels can be uploaded from 3 seconds to 15 minutes long using your media or a top scheduling app like SocialBu.

Can an Instagram reel be 3 minutes?

No, Instagram Reels cannot be 3 minutes long. The maximum video length for the Instagram Reel is 90 seconds. However, you can upload pre-recorded videos as Reels up to 15 minutes,

How do you post a 3-minute reel on Instagram?

There are two ways to post a 3-minute reel-

  1. Upload a pre-recorded reel from your device media as Reels.
  2. Cut your video into shorter clips to share on Reels.

Do reels have a time limit?

The time limit for Instagram Reels is 60 seconds. However, you can also make it into 15 second or 30 second videos.

Is 1,000 views on Reels good?

If you are new to making Reels, 1,000 views is a great start. However, to make your Reels viral on the platform, make more engaging and creative Reels.

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