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Hootsuite is one of the best social media platforms out there. But there is something that might hurt the sentiments of its free users. Hootsuite is ending its free version soon, on March 31, 2023. The free plan users must now upgrade their accounts to professional ones. In this article, let’s briefly examine this problem and a better Hootsuite alternative.

The End of Hootsuite’s Free Version

Hootsuite decided to change its plan offerings. They proposed it because it is due to some API changes, and the free account offered limited access to the features. With the end of the free account, Hootsuite is offering one month free trials for all its price plans.

How Has It Impacted the Users?

It is good that Hootsuite is now offering a month free trial on their paid plans. But it still does not solve the problem.

Before this decision, the free plan allowed users to manage three social media accounts with 30 post-scheduling. But now it is even reduced to 2 social media accounts with five post schedules per month.

People are clearly unhappy with this decision, as it seems the platform is forcing them to upgrade.

SocialBu: A Potential Hootsuite Alternative

As Hootsuite is ending its free version, it has become a hindrance for those who were free users. It is a sour topic because Hootsuite paid plans are very costly, and people usually cannot afford them for personal use. So they relied on the free plan.

However, there is never a problem without a solution. You can try the best alternative to Hootsuite, SocialBu, instead. A user-friendly social media management and automation platform that offers the most competitive and cost-effective features.

Is SocialBu the Best Alternative?

The answer is YES. Users always look for something that offers the best services but wants it to be cost-effective as well. SocialBu is one of those tools that offers almost all the features every other SMM tool offers but at a much less price.

Why Users Should Consider Switching to SocialBu

The professional plan, in which a user can manage 10 accounts simultaneously with unlimited scheduling, costs $99/month.

Whereas the standard plan of SocialBu, which allows 12 social accounts and 2 teams as well, starts only at $19/month.

A huge difference in terms of price and close to no difference in its services.

Comparison of Hootsuite and SocialBu

Let’s take a close look at the features both tools offer.

Hootsuite’s Features

The following are the main features offered by Hootsuite.

  • Planning, creating, scheduling, and publishing the content.
  • Advertising the content by boosting the posts and managing them from different social media platforms in one place.
  • Engaging the customers by managing the messages and comments on your social media platforms through automation.
  • Monitoring activity on your social media accounts.
  • Analyzing the results of your posts and marketing strategies.
  • Access to 150+ integrations to create and manage your content.
  • Hootsuite is compatible with TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

No more free Hootsuite! Check SocialBu

SocialBu’s Features

Below is a brief explanation of SocialBu features.


  • Allows you to create, schedule and publish posts, stories, and reels for your social media platforms individually and in bulk as well.
  • The social calendar shows you all the scheduled content and allows you to change the dates and times. You can easily plan your daily, weekly, or even monthly content with it.
  • With the post-recycling feature, you can schedule and publish your best content keeping it ever-green. Post preview allows you to preview your post as it would look after publishing.


The automated response to messages, comments, and reviews lets you stay connected with your audience.


The monitoring feature lets you track hashtags and keywords based on your niche.


It allows you to post from an RSS feed, give automated replies, and even allow webhook integrations.


  • You can get insights about your posts and followers based on each post’s likes, comments, and shares.
  • You can even analyze here what are your top-performing posts.


  • You can work with and manage multiple teams here.
  • You can have a shared inbox for team conversation.
  • It allows you to handle and collaborate with multiple brands here from one place.


A dedicated AI to generate the following for you:

  • Twitter tweets
  • Instagram captions
  • LinkedIn posts
  • Short posts


SocialBu is compatible with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google My Business, and Mastodon.

Other Free Tools by SocialBu

  • Generate Posts with Al
  • Al Caption Generator
  • Prompt Generator
  • Text2Img
  • Al Blog Image Generator
  • Al Quote Image Generator

SocialBu features

Similarities and Differences Between the Two

Hootsuite Alternative-SocialBu Comparison Table

Benefits of Using SocialBu

After analyzing both tools, we can conclude that SocialBu can do everything out there to be called the best Hootsuite alternative.

With its extensive range of features, SocialBu is easily accessible and affordable for everyone. Be it a student, a small startup, or a big corporation, everyone can benefit from it.

Whereas if we look at Hootsuite, only the ones with a big marketing budget can afford this tool.

Reviews from our satisfied customers

Take a look at what our delighted customers are saying about us in these reviews.

Larry Kim, Founder of Wordstream

“SocialBu helps me stay on top of the social media game, creating compelling original content for my social media channels with its AI-powered features. I strongly recommend giving it a shot.”

Pasquale M., Founder at Increasily

“Amazing experience! The product works very well without hiccups. Customer Service is very responsive and ready to help and answer any questions.”

Michael M., Marketing Manager at CMHWorks

“I highly recommend Socialbu to anyone who wants to manage all their social feeds in one place effectively. It by far offers the most features for the money.”

Mick G., Head of Sales and Marketing

“It’s been such an easy and smooth journey starting with SocialBu. Good pricing, an easy tool, and great support. A no-brainer.”

How to Get Started with SocialBu

SocialBu has a free plan for everyone that allows you to handle 2 social accounts and schedule 40 monthly posts, and it does not need your credit card information either.

If you want to upgrade the plan, SocialBu offers three-price plans. Apart from these plans, you can also demand a custom plan if needed.

Standard- $19/month

  • 12 social accounts
  • 2 teams
  • No Phone Support

Super- $59/month

  • 30 social accounts
  • 6 teams
  • Phone Support

Supreme- $199/month

  • 150 social accounts
  • 25 teams
  • Phone Support

SocialBu Pricing

A Step-by-Step Guide to Sign-up For a Free Trial

  1. Go to the SocialBu website.
  2. Click on the “Try Now” button.
  3. It will open an interface where you have to register yourself as a user.
  4. Enter the details asked, or you can even join with your Google, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.
  5. Make sure to check in all the requirements, and you are done.
  6. You are now a free user and can manage 2 social media accounts here.

SocialBu Signup

Use SocialBu to its Full Potential

SocialBu is a user-friendly platform. You can go to the SocialBu website and analyze the features it offers. Then you can check the pricing plans and choose the best suits your needs.

If you cannot understand anything, SocialBu has a section of Help Articles where you can get the answer to almost every question.

It even has a section of video tutorials where you can easily watch and understand the method to use this platform.

Still, you can always contact us if you need to share any ideas.

SocialBu Help Articles


With all the features SocialBu has to offer in a much lower price range than Hootsuite and any other social media management tool, we can say that it is the best alternative.

SocialBu misses nothing that a social media manager or marketers may need. From planning the content to scheduling, previewing, and automating it, SocialBu can do all. The AI generation tool can remove the concept of writer’s block.

We hope we have cleared everything up about the situation and given the best alternative, so give it a try and share your thoughts.

Awais Younas
Awais Younas
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