9 Proven Marketing Strategies to Improve Your Campaigns

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Whether you run a small cake decorating store or a national consultancy firm, you must create an effective marketing plan. After all, you could sell the best products in your industry, but if no one knows about them, you’re not going to make many sales, right?

However, deciding where to focus your efforts is not easy with so many marketing techniques. Luckily, this post is here to give you a helping hand. Below, we will go over nine proven marketing strategies so that you can enhance your efforts and enjoy more tremendous success.

1. Leverage Geo-marketing to Hyper-target Your Campaigns.

The concept of being “in the right place, at the right time” is something many people associate with luck and positive coincidences. However, it’s more than this.

Geotargeting is a tactic that takes personalized marketing to new heights by capitalizing on real-time data. This ensures relevant content is delivered to your target audience at every sales funnel stage.

Ultimately, geotargeting creates a digital footprint of where people spend time through CPG location data analytics while also giving you a clever picture of who they are and the journey they take. Both of these are critical strategic tools for creating a consumer-centric business.

Only when you understand customer pain points, needs, and where they are located can you then hyper-target them with your campaigns.

2. Implement a First-party Cookie Policy

When putting together a killer marketing strategy, you mustn’t overlook your duties regarding consumer privacy and data protection. All of your hard work could quickly be undone if you violate the law.

Regulations are being updated all of the time. So, we recommend that you get familiar with how cookies are changing so that your business can get ready to remove third-party cookies. This is one of the latest updates to data protection.

Instead, a first-party cookie strategy is a must. First-party cookies are text files that are created and stored on your site visitor’s device to improve user experience. If you implement a first-party cookie approach, you can enjoy similar results while also enhancing trust.

3. Design with Mobile Phone Users in Mind

Did you know that over 90 percent of the global population uses the mobile Internet? Several years ago, smartphones overtook desktops as the most popular Internet-based device, yet many businesses are still prioritizing the desktop version of their website. Big mistake!

If your website is not fully optimized for mobile use, you are missing out on a big opportunity. Just think about your own experience when using your mobile phone. It is incredibly frustrating when you land on a website that does not format correctly. You cannot click the buttons; half of the information is missing.

What do you do at that moment? Do you persevere, or do you head to another website instead?

4. Figure Out What Social Media Platforms Your Audience is Using

Most business owners recognize that social media is critical. However, with hundreds of social media platforms, it can be challenging to know where to begin.

Because of this, many business owners set up accounts on all big social media sites; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat. But if you concentrate on six different platforms, can you master them?

Social Media Platforms

Rather than being a jack of all trades, it is better to find out what social media platforms your consumer base is using the most, and then you can focus on these networks. This involves delving into the demographics.

Also, consider the nature of your business. Naturally, companies that sell products tend to find photo-based apps, like Instagram, to work well.

Regardless of your platforms, keep an eye out for influential accounts within your industry. Influencer marketing is a great way to reach a targeted audience and increase sales.

You do not need to pay thousands of dollars to a celebrity to capitalize on this. It would be best if you had someone with influence and an audience representative of your own. Overall influencer marketing is one of the best, tried, and tested marketing strategies that generate awesome results.

5. Implement a Referral Program

While referrals can happen naturally, using a dedicated referral system is an excellent way of predictably increasing awareness and sales.

Referral programs are effective because customers look to their peers for trusted opinions on brands, products, and services.

Research indicates that recommendations from family and friends have a more significant influence in comparison to celebrity endorsements.

Referral programs do not need to be complex, either. A simple, if you refer a friend, we will credit your account with “x” amount will more than suffice.

6. Create Engaging and Eye-catching Videos

Recent research indicates that 92 percent of businesses consider video content critical in their overall marketing strategy. Therefore, video marketing needs to be part of your marketing efforts to ensure you are engaging with your target consumer base.

Some of the main types of videos to consider include ads, sales, presentations, and explainer videos. Live streaming and short-form videos, such as those on TikTok, are also effective.

Another way you can use video is by creating user-generated product review videos. This is an excellent way of building credibility and increasing conversions. All this makes video form content a part of one of the best marketing strategies.

7. Put Together a Varied Assortment of Quality Content.

Business owners know that creating a strong online presence is key. So they invest time and money into developing email sequences, adverts, and online stores to attract customers. However, if you look at their content efforts, you will see nothing.

This is a missed lead generation opportunity, especially if you operate in a niche market where content is under-optimized and poorly done.

Brands that make a lasting impression today become creators and producers. They constantly look for new ways to approach content and engage with their audience.

Some of the different types of content to consider include:

  • Live streams
  • Guest podcasting
  • Forums
  • Giveaways and contests
  • White papers
  • Case studies
  • Infographics
  • Audio
  • Videos
  • Newsletters
  • Webinars
  • Blogging

This list is merely a handful of the different options available. It is important to use a variety of content to keep things interesting and exciting.

8. Start Your Podcast or Become a Guest on Someone Else’s

People are listening to more podcasts than ever before. In the United States, there are over 120 million podcast listeners. It is believed that this number will reach 160 million next year.

There are two approaches you can use when adding podcasting to your marketing strategy. You can either start your own podcast or become a guest on someone else’s podcast. Or both!

Running your podcast is an excellent way to connect with your existing audience and expand your business. You do not need to be a technical person to create your podcast.

Also, it does not require a significant monetary investment upfront. However, the vast majority of podcasts are not successes overnight. It takes patience and commitment to building traction.

You can also feature on other podcasts. Podcast hosts are always searching for interesting people to interview. So if you have valuable information to share, industry experience, or an exciting story, chances are they are going to want to hear about it.

If they accept your proposal to feature on their podcast, you will be able to tap into their entire audience, which can be incredibly advantageous. So overall, this is one of the best marketing strategies.


9. Consider Affiliate Marketing to Drive More Sales.

Affiliate marketing is an advertising technique whereby you pay another individual or business – the affiliate – to generate leads and sales for your business.

Why would they do this? Well, you will pay them a commission for every sale you make via their efforts. Whenever a sale is made via the affiliate’s unique link, they will get a percentage of the total sale amount.

Affiliates are encouraged to promote your business and make as many sales as possible so that they also get paid.

This is a mutually beneficial arrangement, and it means that other people will be advertising your business for you. This is an excellent way of increasing the number of sales you make without needing to spend tons on marketing.

Refine Your Marketing Efforts with Proven Strategies and Enjoy the Results

So there you have it: nine proven marketing strategies can help you take your business to the next level. With competition incredibly fierce nowadays, it is imperative to focus your efforts and resources on strategies with proven results.

However, it is also critical to remember that marketing is not a one-time thing. Therefore, make sure you thoroughly track analytics so you can understand what parts of your campaign are and are not working and make changes accordingly.

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Eisha Mirza
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