Sanchita Singh Shares Her Views on the Social Media Management Industry

Sanchita views on social media management

What is the prime strategy for a business’s success? It’s marketing. However, being a marketer is no easy job. Sure it is fun, but it is challenging as well. You must have a particular skill set to be among the best in this competitive industry. Not only that, but you also have to be a creative person with a unique thinking style.

This way, you’ll be able to create marketing masterpieces just like Sanchita Singh does for Mad Marketing Media(MMM).

We recently had a chance to talk with Sanchita Singh, who is the project manager at MMM. She is passionate about marketing and project management. It is how she has been able to help her company achieve its desired goals.

Here is all she had to say regarding her dreams, career growth, and her position as a project manager at Mad Marketing Media.

Farhan: Hi Sanchita! Thank you for joining us today. So, starting with our first question, what is Mad Marketing Media’s structure like?

Sanchita: Hi! 

So, we have two verticals in my company, one is the social media vertical, and there is another production vertical. So, we shoot for brands. They send us the products, and we shoot images. So, this is the show vertical, like some creative studio.

Farhan: What are your job responsibilities in the studio?

Sanchita: I’m the project manager for my company. I help in different areas of the company, like looking at sales.

I also help with styling, creativity, and project management, like talking to the clients, making sure the briefs are done, reaching out to clients, fixing meetings, calls, etc.

Farhan: Your company name is Mad Media Marketing. So can you let us go through what the company does, what it’s all about, and specifically the name mad marketing?

Sanchita: We are a creative agency. When we started almost two years ago, we were only doing social media.

I started working in the company in July two years ago, and we were deciding on the name back then. My co-founder, Mythili, was a freelancer. So I started working with her. And then eventually, she wanted to start a company. So we decided on the name, the colors, the role, and the logos together.

So, I’ve been in this company since its inception. And that’s how we started. And when we started the company, we wanted to come down with a name and we were catering to international clients initially, but the goal was also to go to the Indian market.

So, we wanted to think of the name where we come out as creative, but it doesn’t also sound very funky because you know that you need to be professional. So that’s when we gave the mad marketing media.

Farhan: How was MMM born during the peak of Covid-19 in 2020, and what was the process during all the chaos?

Sanchita: During the COVID lockdown, the world was in chaos. Not just in India or any other country, it was chaos everywhere.

So, Mythili, my co-founder, used to be a freelancer; she worked with a couple of clients and had her clothing line. When the pandemic hit, all the deliveries and everything just stopped. All the things were stuck at either the warehouse or in the shipment.

So, she thought of starting somewhere there. And also, we saw right in COVID that the online marketplace became a huge thing. People realized the importance of these social media platforms apart from posting pictures and videos.

We identified a potential at the right time, and that’s when we started. Of course, for a lot of people, it was a moment of chaos and all of that. But for us, it was it. We got lucky during the pandemic.

Farhan: How did you meet the Co-founder, and what were you doing before joining MMM?

Sanchita: I was in my second year of college when I started working. I wanted to do a couple of other things and gain experience because just doing school seemed boring.

I used to do multiple internships. In one of the internships for Facebook ads, the person I was working with knew Mythili. I often showed him an interest in our conversations and that I wanted to do something in this field. So, he introduced me to Mythili, which is how my journey started.

Before that, honestly, I never thought I would do social media. Because back in college, I used to love doing PR and management. But you know, when the pandemic hit, both these industries just went for the tour. Because PR is all about going to the field, talking to people, and all of that, no matter how much you try, you can’t build that online. Especially when we are very used to doing things offline, it’s not possible.

So, for my PR, I did an internship. My PR internship was more about sending emails, and I wouldn’t say I liked it. I wanted to do so much more. Same with management. Nobody knew when this pandemic would be over, and all of this would be better.

I realized then that I have to do something other than these two because it’s not going to work out. And now I feel like this is where I was supposed to be.

Farhan: How will your parents describe what you do?

Sanchita: Now, this is very funny. I did Mass Communication for my graduation. I don’t want to relate to this, but my father thought I would be a journalist for quite some time. And whenever they had a family gathering, they used to be like, yeah, she’s going to come on TV because she did Mass Com. So, everybody thought too that I would be a journalist. And then, when they never saw me on TV for a long time, they realized it’s not just that.

Now, if I have to explain what I do to my parents, I tell them that I help people sell and are a manager. So that’s how they know what I do.

It’s tough to explain to parents who have never used Instagram and are not tech-savvy at all. Like they started using WhatsApp a few years ago. And help them understand what the capitalization for social media is; it’s tough. So, all they know is that I help people to sell products.

Farhan: What is the most important lesson you’ve learned over your career?

Sanchita: This agency life means being very popular or not social at all. And unfortunately, a lot of it is true. So, the biggest challenge I face is reaching that middle ground where your team feels okay and not pressured. But you don’t push away your clients also.

Because you know, there are a lot of times when a client will come with some requests. They will be like; it should be done by today or should be done by Monday or should be done in two days. And you can’t force your team to do it on such short notice because they also have other things on their plates.

So, coming to that middle ground where you’re not pushing the client away by saying no and not pressuring your team is a big challenge for me.

Farhan: What advice would you give to your 18-year-old self?

Sanchita: I would tell myself that you don’t have to worry. You will make something out of your career. Maybe people around you are doing too much because they have had different experiences and challenges. Your journey is different from theirs. So don’t worry. We’ll figure it out.

Farhan: What is the one lesson your job has taught you that you think everyone should learn at some point in their life?

Sanchita: It used to be a joke in my school when we were young that if there were a kid who didn’t study a lot, everyone would be like, oh, why are you not studying? So that person would be like, you know, a sheet of paper cannot decide my future.

We always used to call that person a fool. Like if you don’t study, if you don’t get good marks, your life will go for a toss. But now, when I’m here, this one lesson that my job taught me is it’s not like what you get in your school or your college or wherever the college you come from, the city you come from, nothing of those matters unless you have this skill set of work and what you’re supposed to do.

It is the skill set that matters and not the sheet of paper because you know you’re always running to be a scholar in school. So you’re always running to get that 100%, get that 99%, and there’s nothing wrong with it.

But a lot of times, people forget to learn the skill set. They are just after the knowledge, and sometimes knowledge is not enough. It’s the skills that matter.

Farhan: What would you suggest for young people in the social media management industry?

Sanchita: The first and most important thing I would suggest to anybody working in this field is to take some time and do all of it. Then pick up your niche and understand what you do the best.

Because there are endless things, you can list when it comes to social media or digital marketing. So, you have to understand what your niche is. You can’t do everything. You can be a Jack of all trades and master of none. So it is essential to understand this.

The second thing is not to get influenced by people’s general ideology regarding social media life and the social media manager’s life. To not have that general idea, not to be able to put your foot down for a few things. Because at the end of the day, even though the algorithm changes, social media is a 24/7 thing.

You have to understand that there has to be a balance between how much you do and how much you do not. And I’m saying this mainly because, unfortunately, people have gotten that whole mean thing. It has become an ideology in front of people that you must work late.

No, you don’t have to.

And also, you have to listen to all the clients, whatever they say.

No, you don’t have to. Like you can say no sometimes.

Wrapping Up

And that wrapped up our fun, informative, and inspirational conversation with the fabulous Sanchita Singh. We hope her advice and insights will help you understand what a marketer and project manager does. All the challenges and fun sides of the job as well.

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