25+ Instagram Story Questions to Engage Your Followers

Instagram story questions

Are you looking for ways to connect with your followers on a deeper level on Instagram? Here’s what you need. In this blog, get your hands on 25+ Instagram story questions that will help you engage your audience and spark meaningful conversations.

Let’s explore the creative way to create an interactive experience for your followers

How to Use Question Stickers on Instagram Stories?

It’s not like not everybody knows how to use a question sticker on Instagram stories. But for those who are really missing out, here’s how you can use Question stickers on Instagram stories.

1. Open your Instagram story feature and click on ‘Create’ from the bar of options on the left.

2. Then if you want to set a background, you can either click a photo, or you can choose one from your gallery.

3. Then you can click on the sticker icon and search for the ‘Question’ sticker.

Instagram question sticker

4. It will show the ‘Ask me a question’ template. You can use it as it is, or you can type your own question.

Ask me Question template

5. Then share the story to post it, and you are done.

How Instagram Story Questions Boost Engagement?

Use Instagram story questions to engage your followers and boost the engagement in two ways:

  1. First, when you ask a question from your followers, you are building a connection between them and you. Your followers will be more than happy to interact with you and give you opinions. It is an easy and fun way to connect with the audience.
  2. Second, asking questions on Instagram stories can help you curate better content that is preferable and liked by your audience. Their opinion can literally help you to generate content. For example, you can ask, “Hey, what do you guys want to see next?” Or “What can make our product better?” etc.

You can see that a little effort can go a long way for you, especially if you are looking to increase engagement rates on your Instagram profiles.

25+ Instagram Story Questions to Engage Your Followers

Now, let’s discuss the 25+ Instagram story questions to engage your followers.

Instagram story sticker

1. Where do you want to travel and why?

It will encourage your audience to share their travel experiences with you and where they want to go. Sharing interests is one of the best ways to interact.

2. What concert do you want to attend, or what was the best you attended?

This question is really good if your niche is music. It will help you to analyze your audience’s interest, and you can share some of your favorites too.

3. What is your favorite restaurant? Or What is your comfort food?

Asking this question can compel your audience to engage with you and share their dining experiences. Who doesn’t love food, right? Also, you can discover some new places to try as well.

4. What do you like to do in your free time?

There are many people who might actually have a hobby other than napping their free time away. Who knows, you may get some really funny replies.

On the other hand, you can get to know your audience better and understand their interest orientation. It can also give you an idea of what to post for them.

5. What is the most important thing to you that you cannot live without?

It is a great question to encourage your audience to share what is most important to them. You may get some really good or weird answers.

6. What is the thing that you learned recently that blew your mind?

This is one of those questions that can and has created trends on social media. You can learn some cool hacks or the most bizarre things that you would not know otherwise. Or you can get some interesting facts.

7. What motivates you to keep going?

If you are up for life lessons and real-life stories, then this is the question to ask.

8. What is your favorite karaoke song?

One of the most random and fun questions to ask your audience to learn about their music taste or to spark some funny discussions.

9. What is the best advice that you have ever received?

This an intriguing and interesting question to ask to know more about your audience. Their replies will not only interest you, but the other followers would be keen to know.

10. Share your most adventurous moment with me.

Get ready for some really cool, exciting, and potentially inspiring answers after this question.

11. What is the best advice you have got for your career?

The answers will help not only you but the other users as well. It can really get some responses and career experiences, the do’s and don’ts that may be beneficial to many others out there.

12. What is your favorite gift you have ever received?

There are a lot of sentimental stories you are going to get after this question. A beautiful way to interact with your audience.

13. What is your favorite cuisine?

A great way to discover your audience’s tastes and preferences if you are in a food niche, and who knows, you may discover some new cuisine to try.

14. Share with me the best thing that happened to you this week.

This question is a great way to know more about the daily routine life of your audience. You can get to know their positive experience or life lessons, and it is a great way to build community.

15. What is your favorite workout?

If your account is in a fitness niche, then it is a great question to start a random conversation and interact with your audience. You can share your favorite workout too.

16. What is the name of the book that has inspired you the most?

Book lovers are going to love this question, and it can also initiate conversations about motivation or personal growth.

17. What is your way of relaxing after a long day?

Either you are going to get some relaxation or de-stress techniques, or you are going to get some of the funniest and out-of-the-box answers on this one. Someone’s way to relax may be teasing their siblings, and we know it does not end well.

18. What social media platform do you like the most other than Instagram?

Asking this question can help you know and understand your audience’s orientation towards other platforms or Instagram as well.

19. What would you advise your younger self?

Again this question is one of those that have or can create trends on social media. This is a relatively good way to make your audience reflect on their personal growth.

20. What is your favorite movie?

This is a very common question to ask your audience, but it is never the dull one. People are always ready to discuss their favorite movies.

21. How do you spend a lazy day?

Get ready to know and share some of the best and unique relaxation techniques after this question.

22. What is your favorite podcast?

Podcasts are one of the recent trends in social media. Almost everyone is doing this these days. So it is a great question to ask and get some interesting podcast recommendations. Also, you will get to know a lot more about your audience’s preferences.

23. What is the weirdest advice you have ever given to someone?

Take out your blankets and popcorn because, after this question, you are going to get some of the funniest responses.

24. How are you spending your weekend?

A great way to ask on the weekend and to initiate a random conversation with your audience.

25. What is your favorite way to help others?

Your audience will be more than ready to reflect on their charitable habits, and it can potentially inspire others to get involved as well.

26. What do you like most about our brand/service/content? Or How do you like to be a part of this community?

This is a great way to interact with your audience and gauge your relationship with them. You can know about the best thing they like about you or that one thing they don’t want you to repeat.

27. What’s the best book you’ve read recently?

This question prompts your audience to share their recent reading experiences and can spark interesting discussions.

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Instagram is one of the best places for brands or businesses to generate leads, and even the simplest of its features, like stories, plays an important role in it. So try and tell us which one you like the most out of these Instagram story questions to engage your followers.

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