How to Repost on TikTok: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Repost on TikTok: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you struggling to figure out how to repost on TikTok and share your favorite videos with your followers? Look no further because we’ve got you covered. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how to effortlessly repost content on TikTok while diving into the best practices for reposting and the benefits of doing so. Let’s get started!

Understanding TikTok Reposting

TikTok Reposting

TikTok is among the most popular social media platforms, evidenced by its 834.3 million monthly users globally. So, many people want to know the secret to success on the social media giant. Well, there is no secret way other than being consistent.

Now, we know that as a creator, there will be times when you don’t have anything new to post, so what better way to keep up with your consistency than reposting, right?

One feature that makes TikTok stand out from other social media platforms is the ability to share and repost videos.

Reposting on TikTok is undoubtedly a great way to increase your reach, gain more followers, and engage with your audience in a much more effortless way.

However, reposting a video on TikTok is not as straightforward as on other social media platforms. So, to help you with that, in this article, we will take a closer look at how to repost on TikTok, step by step.

What does reposting mean on TikTok?


Reposting on TikTok typically refers to sharing or re-uploading someone else’s video on your TikTok account. This can be done using the “Share” feature on TikTok, which allows you to share the video to your profile or other social media platforms.

Reposting can be a way for users to share content they enjoy or find interesting with their followers or to show support for other creators by sharing their content with a broader audience.

However, it’s important to note that reposting someone else’s content without their permission may be considered copyright infringement and could potentially lead to legal issues.

Why is reposting important for users and creators?

Reposting can be necessary for both users and creators on TikTok for a few reasons:

1. Exposure


When a user reposts someone else’s content, it can help to increase the exposure of that content to a broader audience.

This can benefit both the original creator, who may gain new followers and fans, and the user who reposted the content, who may gain more engagement and attention from their followers.

2. Collaboration


It is also a terrific way for users and creators to collaborate and show support for one another. By reposting each other’s content, they can help to build a sense of community and foster positive relationships within the TikTok community.

3. Inspiration

By reposting, users can discover new content and find inspiration for their videos. By sharing content from other creators that they admire or enjoy, they can spread new ideas and trends within the TikTok community.

Reposting can be a valuable tool for users and creators on TikTok, as it can help increase exposure, build community, and inspire creativity.

However, it’s important always to give credit to the original creator and obtain permission before reposting someone else’s content to avoid copyright issues.

How to Repost on TikTok: A Step-by-Step Guide

Here’s an eight-step guide to learning reposting in TikTok.

Step 1: Choose the Video You Want to Repost

The first step to reposting on TikTok is to find the video you want to repost. This can be a video created by someone else or the video you previously posted on your TikTok account.

If you want to repost a video someone else created, you must find the original video on TikTok. Search for the video’s title or browse your “For You” page.

Step 2: Copy the Link to the Video

Once you have found the video you want to repost, you must copy the link to the video. You can do this by clicking on the “Share” icon, which is located on the right side of the video.

When you click the “Share” icon, you will see several options, including “Copy Link.” Click on “Copy Link” to copy the link to the video to your clipboard.

Step 3: Open the TikTok App and Click on the “+” Button

Next, you will need to open the TikTok app and click on the “+” button, which is located at the bottom center of the screen. This will open the TikTok camera, where you can create a new video.

Step 4: Click on “Upload”

Once you are in the TikTok camera, you will see several options at the bottom of the screen, including “Record,” “Upload,” and “Templates.” Click on “Upload” to proceed to the next step.

Step 5: Select the Video You Want to Repost

After clicking “Upload,” you will be taken to your phone’s camera roll, where you can select the video you want to repost.

Scroll through your camera roll to find the video, or use the search bar to locate it. Once you have found the video, click on it to select it.

Step 6: Video Editing

After selecting the video you want to repost, you will be taken to the TikTok editing screen. You can add filters, text, and other effects to your video here.

You can also trim the video or adjust the sound. When you are happy with your edits, click “Next” to proceed.

Step 7: Add Captions and Hashtags

After editing your video, you will be taken to the screen where you can add captions and hashtags. This is where you can give credit to the original creator of the video by tagging them in your caption.

To tag the original creator of the video, type “@username” in your caption and replace “username” with the creator’s TikTok username. You can also add any relevant hashtags to help your video get discovered by other users.

Step 8: Post Your Video

Once you have added your caption and hashtags, you can post your video by clicking “Post” in the bottom right corner of the screen. Your video will be posted to your TikTok account, and your followers can see it in their feeds.

Tips for Reposting on TikTok

While reposting on TikTok can be a great way to increase your reach and engage with your audience, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that you are doing it correctly.

Here are some tips to help you repost on TikTok successfully:

Tip #1: Always Give Credit to the Original Creator

When reposting someone else’s video on TikTok, it is essential to credit the original creator. You can do this by tagging them in your caption, as mentioned earlier in this article.

Giving credit to the original creator shows respect for their work and can also help you build a relationship with them.

If the original creator sees that you are giving them credit, they may be more likely to engage with your content or even collaborate with you in the future.

Tip #2: Be Selective About What You Repost

While reposting can be a great way to increase your reach on TikTok, being selective about what you repost is vital. You should only repost content relevant to your niche or brand that aligns with your values and messaging.

Reposting irrelevant or off-brand content can confuse your followers and damage your reputation. So, take the time to carefully choose the content you repost and make sure it aligns with your brand.

Tip #3: Add Value to the Original Content

When reposting someone else’s video on TikTok, adding value to the original content is a good idea. It can be done by adding your commentary or providing additional information or insights. You can also add your unique twist to the content.

Adding value to the original content helps to differentiate your repost from the original video. It also helps show your expertise and knowledge in your niche or industry.

Tip #4: Use Reposting as Part of Your Content Strategy

Reposting should not be the only thing you do on TikTok. Instead, it should be part of your overall content strategy. While reposting can help you increase your reach and engagement, it is vital to create your original content as well.

You can establish your brand and showcase your unique voice and perspective by creating your original content. So, use reposting to supplement your content strategy, but not as a replacement for it.


You have learned how to repost on TikTok and discovered the best practices. You are ready to share your favorite videos with your followers. Just remember always to give credit to the original creators and stay within the boundaries of copyright laws. Curate your content to ensure it resonates with your audience.

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