5 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Customers from Social Media

When it comes to almost every business advice that you have came across, it seems to be conventional wisdom that you have to use social media in order to get customers to come to you.

Using social media is not the only way to acquire customers but it is one of the more powerful ways that you can use in order to get customers to come to you.

Of course, like any tool that you misuse, if you don’t use social media correctly then you won’t see the results that you after.

Because of this, you may have been putting hours and hours of work into your social media marketing to get some clients or customers through the door.

However, the problem is that the sale is an uphill battle: that’s the best-case scenario.

The worst-case (and still very common) scenario is that you are not acquiring any customers in an empty wasteland that is your social media presence.

You are definitely at the stage where you are making mistakes but you don’t know which mistakes that you are making.

It’s frustrating but it doesn’t have to be.

With a little bit of insight, you will be able to figure where you are making mistakes in your social media marketing.

Hopefully this serves as a helpful guide where you can get people interested in your business.

#5: You Don’t Know Your Market or Your Audience

One of the biggest marketing mistakes is that you get invested into a market where you don’t understand your market.

This problem can arise from two sources: you are in your market that you are trying to serve or you are entering into a market that you clearly don’t understand – putting your business at a disadvantage against your competitors.

If you are too passionate about the market that you are trying to solve problems for but you are not getting customers to come over to buy from your business: you are are too close to your market.

For example, you love podcasts and you start your solo practice as an audio engineer.

You can edit podcast episodes extremely well but you are having too many problems when it comes to getting customers to come over and buy from you.

However, when you do, you find that your customers are far and in between.

If you were a little more dispassionate about the market that you are trying to serve, you would know that the podcast market is a broke market is that only a subset of the market are actually able to pay you.

In other words, you would be able to inquire which subset of the market had more transactions and the cash flow than the other.

Being too passionate can delude you into getting involved in a market that you have no business getting involved with in the first place.

However, on the the opposite side of the spectrum, the other problem is that you are not be involved in the market.

You don’t accurately understand the pitfalls that your actual customers have on an in-depth level.

This puts your business at an enormous disadvantage against your competitors.

Your customers live in that market that you are actively trying to get involved.

In addition to social media, they are going to talk about how your company doesn’t belong in the market.

Customers and clients do tend to broadcast their bad messages more often on social media as opposed to airing the compliments.

Therefore, the best bet that you can do is to understand your market up close and learn about what your customers are after.

You can even take the time to learn about how your customers see their competitors.

There are a variety of sources that you can use at your disposal: Amazon review scores; Facebook Groups; subreddits; and any other smaller community gathering that your audience would be a part of.

You can get your audience involved when it comes to getting through polls and asking them questions directly and in order to getting engaged answers from them.

Another tactic that you can employ is that you are able to speak to them directly.

That way, your audience will be able to assume that your business is reachable and that they can come to you whenever they have a problem.

The best way to understand your understand your social media following is to speak to them directly or engage with them on other social media communities so that they are able to get you back.

#4: You Announce Your Offerings Too Much

Have you ever walked down the street and had a homeless man come up to you ask, “Do you have any change in you?”

Yes, it’s annoying – even when you are being charitable.

Your business may be doing this every time your customer sees your social media presence on Facebook.

Yes, understandably, Facebook is pay-to-play and currently, you want your business to be seen by your customers as often as possible.

However, the drawback is that you have to put money in order to be visible on the social media platform.

In an effort to reach your potential customers through the News Feeds on Facebook, you have to create an ad in order to get your potential customer’s attention on the platform in the first place.

While you have helpful content for your business, the downside is that your potential customers only see you as someone who is looking to sell them something.

As you can easily tell, this doesn’t allow for a good first impression.

The matter is even worse when you are not forced to rely upon ads in order to get your potential customer’s attention in the first place.

When your entire content, your social media feed, or even your e-mail content is just geared to getting people to buy product from you: you are coming across as an e-beggar.

You are constantly trying to get people interested in buying from you that you are not engaging with your audience.

You are not building a relationship with your audience.

Using SocialBu to leverage social media conversations so that you are able to get people interested and loyal is a great way to muster a sale with your followers.

Maybe your offerings are really fantastic but your potential customers will only see that you are just trying to score a sale from them.

#3: You Don’t Sell Anything That Often

You could be on the opposite side of the spectrum when it comes to getting customers.

You are usually very helpful when it comes to getting customers but they are not converting into customers.

They hang on to your every word on social media.

You have a large reach on social media and that means that you are able to build a following of people who follow your brand to the ends of the Earth.

However, you are coming across as disingenuous.

You are a business. By that token, you have to sell in order to convert subscribers into customers.

This is a business and just managing customers for your business is not a revenue-generating activity.

Sooner or later, you have to sell something to your audience.

You may already have your products ready to go but you have to create one ad for your subscribers so that you are able to generate revenue for your business.

But what about those businesses where they announce their offer and those subscribers left.

Those are not subscribers. Those are vultures.

Social media is a great tool for engaging with your followers. However, there needs to be utility involved when it comes to engaging with potential customers on Facebook, Twitter, or even YouTube.

Yes, it makes sense to be on these social media platforms.

Hopefully, more importantly, the best option is to make sure that you are able to make money from your social media gatherings.

Announcing what your offering is to your subscribers.

Gary Vanderchuk has a great but simple philosophy: jab, jab, right hook.

Eventually, you have to be able to publish your offer.

You’re a business. Your mission is to sell to an audience and convert them into paying customers.

Yes, building a library of engaging content is necessary in order to get potential customers who are interested in your content.

However, at some point, you have to pull that trigger and ask for the sale.

In fact, the more that you initiate calls-to-actions, the more likely that your audience will fulfill them.

After you are building your content, always ask for the sale or the next step when it comes to converting users into customers.

#2: You Don’t Fully Understand the Social Media that Your Customers Are On

You understand that social media marketing is incredibly important.

You have to market your business while using social media platforms.

The downside is that you don’t properly understand social media platforms that well.

It shows in your marketing when you try to make a post on Facebook in the same fashion like Twitter.

It shows in your marketing when you are posting nothing but pictures with hashtags on Facebook when Instagram is the platform that is built for that.

It is no longer enough to just be on social media platforms but you need to have at the very least (a basic) knowledge of each social media platform.

Each social media platform has both its pros and cons when it comes to marketing on each platform respectively.

Understanding the differences between different platforms is key to understanding of leveraging your social media platforms.

Granted, this is a lot to ask out of you because these platforms are vastly different and they are always evolving both in design and through the algorithm.

Because of this, it helps to either hire a social media specialist or always stay up-to-date on the vast changes of the social media platforms themselves.

#1: You Don’t Seem Trustworthy

People are much less likely to send you money when they don’t trust you.

With the majority of people constantly relying on online reviews before making a purchase, they are less willing to spend money on you.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t instill trust into your brand or never will.

What this mean is that you have to prove yourself to your potential customers upfront first and then get them to buy from you.

You have to get their attention first with interesting content, hold their attention by building a relationship with them, and then eventually convert them into customers.

Facebook businesses have reviews on them so you have to be there in order to get people to trust in what you are offering.

They even have response rates so that you have to be there when you are responding to your potential customers.

You have to develop that over time but the good news is that you can use SocialBu to build relationships with people easier without getting too overwhelmed.

So, to recap.

There are more reasons to why you may not be getting customers through social media easily.

However, let’s recap with some of the previous reasons that were previously stated.

If you understand the market that you are currently establishing your business in, then you can pivot to any business venture that you do understand or employ someone who does understand the market that you don’t.

However, even if you understand your market natively, always shouting out your next biggest offering all the time doesn’t typically lead to sales.

Instead, the best thing that you can do is to take your time to build trust, create interesting content, and create content that is interesting to your audience.

Adding to the previous statement, have a knowledgeable idea of the social media platforms that you are so that you are able to get people interested in your business.

Understandably, managing social media for your business is a very time-consuming task.

SocialBu lets you spend less time being sucked into each social media management task and lets you automate your social media communication so you can focus more getting customers.

Give it a 14-day free trial try right here.

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