The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Group Badges 2023

The ultimate guide to facebook group badges

Facebook group badges were introduced in mid of 2018 and have been a huge hit since then. So, it won’t be wrong to say that Facebook Groups are the mainstays on Facebook. This option allows users in groups and organizations of all kinds to announce events, have discussions, and even give each other technical support (if the group concentrates on something technical). Facebook groups are more informal and simple than Facebook Pages.

The current Facebook facelift acknowledges this fact by enabling its users to foster more fruitful communication within a particular group. In this article, we are going to discuss everything about Facebook group badges, types of badges, how to get them, and much more. We are also going to answer some of the most frequently asked questions related to Facebook badges, so keep on reading. Now, without further ado, let’s jump right in!

What are Facebook Group Badges?

Facebook badges are a visual feature designed to help people learn about other group members. There are badges for Facebook groups as well as pages. The badges aren’t a new concept, however, they have been improved a lot recently. The new and improved Facebook badges are a great effort on Facebook’s behalf, of raising community morale within online tribes and helping page administrators to quickly identify and understand their group members. To make it easier to identify fellow group members, badges will appear next to a member’s name on group comments, posts, and member profiles. We are going to discuss all types of badges further in this article, so keep on reading!.

How Do You Get Facebook Badges?

Facebook Badges are presented on eligible members’ group posts, comments, and group profiles. The group admins can turn badges on or off for their entire group, but not for individuals.

To turn badges in your group on or off, you’ll need to follow these few simple steps;

  1. From your News Feed, in the left menu, click on “Groups”.
  2. Select your group.
  3. Click on “More” and select “Edit Group Settings”.
  4. Scroll down to the Badges section, then click on “Manage Badges”.
  5. Choose the badges you want to enable for your group then click “Save”.

Remember, that group members can also choose to turn off their individual badges.

Facebook Group Badges Complete List 2023

Here are all the Facebook group badges for groups and pages including the latest one;

Facebook Badges For Groups


facebook group badges source: plannthat

1. Admin and Moderator


The Admin and Moderator badges are for group creators. There can be one or many. If you join a group, these are the people who need to approve your request. This badge is responsible to point out who has the right to delete posts, change the page settings, and help when things become fishy. So, in all these situations, they’ll be your go-to people.

The moderators and admins of the group have these badges along with their names. The members of the group can easily identify them, especially the new ones. It is made possible by Facebook to identify individuals who have shown the inclination to become group admins. You can even see the list of group members.

admin badge example

2. New Member

new member

Whenever someone joins the group it’s obvious that he/she is the new member of the group. It is an important step to welcome new members to the group, so they feel motivated and appreciated to participate in the group activities. The badge of new members only lasts for two weeks. It helps the admins and other members of the group to welcome the newcomers, and if they have any questions, they can give answers to them easily. This badge also appears next to the name of the new member.

3. Founding Member

founding members

The “Founding Member” badge refers to those members that were in the Facebook group from the start. Available especially in newly created groups, this badge tells the members who joined the group within the first three days when the group was created. They were the ones who posted in it and even invited more and more people to join the group. This badge acts as a small token of appreciation for the ones who helped the group to grow. It would only show in chat if you are a current subscriber to the channel. And this particular badge is just available in recently made groups.

4. Conversation Starter

conversation starter

The “Conversation Starter” badge is awarded to those members whose posts get the most number of hits in respect of likes, comments, and shares, over 4 weeks. They are known as the creators of meaningful discussions.

5. Conversation Booster

The “Conversation Booster” is quite similar to the “Conversation Starter” badge, except the frequency of engagement is higher, and it involves providing valuable comments to inspire the members of the group. The conversation booster badge appears for the members who make valuable comments that people find worthy for conversations.

6. Rising Star

rising star

The “Rising star” badge is about the appreciation and recognition of the members that contribute to the group. This badge is for all the enthusiastic members who have started to take part in the conversation of the group. It officially recognizes the members who try to make the most engaging posts within their first month. And, for all the new members whose posts get the most hits and get a majority of comments and responses on their posts. In your first month, If you are truly active, you may get the rising star badge on Facebook. However, the people from outside of the group will not be able to see this badge.

7. Visual Storyteller

visual storyteller

The “Visual Storyteller” badge is also another version of the Conversation starter badge. This badge focuses on engagement through visuals. It is shown to the members who share videos and pictures that the group members find worthy, and if you are someone who shares pictures and videos with a group, you would be given the visual storyteller badge. It would most probably stay there for about 4 weeks. Sharing the visuals in the form of images and videos of the most relevant topic in hand will enhance the user’s experience. As it is popularly said, a picture is worth a thousand words. For better engagement, you can find topics & titles for your posts using an online title generator tool. It creates a spark in the post because most members find it interesting if there are images or videos in the post. It also adds value to your engagement.

8. Valued Responder

You might be aware of Facebook’s recently introduced question and answers feature. This is an improved way to initiate conversations. A valued responder badge is associated with it. It is for the members who constantly share valuable answers to the particular and specific questions in the group, which is very helpful for the other members and viewers.

9. Link Curator

The “Link Curator” badge recognizes members who help in bringing the news relevant to the group’s topic. This badge will appear to the group members who share quality, external content. Those topics get many hits. If you’re among those members who post external links that are to the point and relevant according to the group. These members will be rewarded for their foreign correspondence with this badge.

10. Greeter

The person who makes all the new members feel welcome. If you regularly start welcoming the newly joined members of the group, you will be considered as a Greeter. It is always good to show new members some love. The new members can also reach you if they have any doubts or concerns.

Facebook Badges For Pages

1. Top Fan

Source: tech advisor

Top Fan Badges are given to those who are the most active and engaged on a page. People can become qualified for a top fan badge on your Page by being one of the most active people, which can include watching your Page’s videos, liking, or reacting to content, and commenting on or sharing posts. People who qualify for top fan badges will have a badge next to their name while interacting with your Page’s content. They’ll also be publicly visible on a top fans list on your Page’s Community tab.

2. Valued Commenter

The “Valued Commenter” badge is just like the “Top Fan” badge. It will appear right next to your name on the screen. For those who love commenting on Facebook posts, it’s very easy to become a “Valued Commenter”.

3. Anniversary Follower

The Anniversary Follower badge was introduced soon after the huge success of the Top Fan badge. It allows people to know how long a certain follower has been with the Page. It appears just where the “Top Fan” badge would be. This badge has a number of years a person has followed a particular Page, on its left.

4. Milestone Follower

The “Milestone Follower” badge is a new level of interaction between the Page mods and their followers. The most loyal followers of a page, who have reached a certain milestone and serve as an example for others, get this badge on Facebook. This encouragement of active discussions has a greater impact on businesses as well. This badge is a great way to show appreciation to the people who’ve been following your Page long enough.

Facebook Group Badges Important FAQs

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Facebook badges;

Are Facebook Badges Automatic?

Yes! From now onwards badges would be automatically allotted to the users. However, if you earn a badge it would be good not to display it because it may not be permanent.

How to Turn on Badges for Your Facebook Group?

By following these steps you can add badges to your Facebook group;

  1. First select the group you want to turn on badges for, from the left-hand corner of the news feed.
  2. Open the group settings.
  3. Besides the badges, click on the pin icon.
  4. You might see a list of the member badges available for your group. Choose the badges from them you want for your group members by checking the box against each one.
  5. Then hit “Save”.

Facebook Group Badges Not Showing. What Might be the Reason for it?

Usually, the Facebook group badges are visible under the group settings. You can follow the above-mentioned steps to turn them on.

Still, if the Facebook group badges are missing, you can raise the problem with group support. On the left side, you can see the group support option.

help centre

If you click on it, the window will appear. Describe your issue in the text box, screenshots can also be added. If due to some reason, your group does not have a support option, simply ‘Report the problem’ to Facebook through your account. For that, follow these few simple steps;

  1. Click on the arrow facing down icon on the top right of Facebook
  2. Select ‘Help & Support
  3. Click on ‘Report a Problem’
  4. Hit ‘Something went wrong and tell Facebook about the broken feature
  5. A dialog box will appear. Fill in the necessary details, and hit submit. You can choose to add screenshots

report a problem

How to See Your Badges on Facebook?

To see all your Facebook group badges, follow these steps:

1. Select the group for which you’d like to see the badges from the left side of the news feed.

2. Go to any of your recent posts/comments done in that group and click on your name.

3. Your profile will open. On the left side, you’ll see your ‘Group Badges’ listed.

Can You Lose Badges on Facebook?

Yes, you can lose badges after some time. Like, the “New Member” badge vanishes after 2 weeks of joining a group. The “Top Fan” badge might also change after a while, and the same can happen with other badges.


These group badges are not new to Facebook. But they have attained acceptance and liking across the globe. It’s up to us how to contribute by engaging on posts. For active and live online communication, these badges are best to reward your group members and make them feel appreciated. The badges are also a great way to help all the members and viewers to identify the role of the badge holders easily. So, they know who to contact in a certain situation.


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