15 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Explainer Video Marketing

For every business having a video marketing strategy is a requirement to be on top of the game. Brands want to have the edge over other competitors by inculcating a video marketing strategy. According to HubSpot, 92% of marketers accept that video is essential in their marketing strategy.

Content Marketing is an umbrella for every content form like blog posts, social media content, email copy, etc. But videos allow your target customers to know more about your product when they need it.

That’s not all that makes it super valuable.

Below are 15 pointers explaining why you shouldn’t ignore video marketing.

#1: Video Content Is a Priority

Indeed, people love videos. People prefer watching videos about your brand rather than reading a long blog post about your business. Your audience chooses the information based on how easy it is to get and process it.

The audience chooses video content because it processes 50000 times faster than text. Also, studies show that viewers keep 95% of messages when they watch them in a video format compared to 10% of reading them in the text format.

#2: Video Improves SEO

Search engines like Google or bing have one major factor considered for ranking – the time users spend on your website. So, if your viewers spend more time on your website, it will signal a positive message to search engines and contribute to your website by appearing higher in searches.

People prefer video over texts, and if your video is available on the internet appearing in search engines, people are more likely to watch it. If your landing page contains an explainer video, people will spend more time watching it. 83% of video marketers accept that video has increased their users’ average time on their page, directly affecting your SEO.

videos improve seo

#3: It Builds Strong Relationship With the Audience

Video has the power to build strong relationships with the help of powerful storytelling. For example, in creating animated explanatory videos, you can use characters to reflect your audience. Further, you can show how the customer uses the product in their daily life.

It allows the brand to build a solid emotional connection with the audience. Creating a personalized video could be even more beneficial. Customized videos are 35% more likely to keep viewers than non-personalized ones.

#4: Video Marketing Increases Sales

The better you can showcase your product, the higher the chance people will try it. 65% of customers say they are most likely to purchase a product after watching a video. So, investing in explanatory videos can help you quickly increase the revenue for your business.

#5: Explainer Videos Have the Best ROI

Video tops the list with the best results for returning on investment in any marketing strategy. Quality explainer videos have the best ROI. In addition, 87% of video marketers accept they are happy with the ROI from their videos and prefer video over other content.

Marketers who use video increase their returns 49% faster when compared with those who don’t. Also, they get more leads with the help of video marketing.

#6: Video Rules the Social Media

Video posts on any social media get 48% more views than other forms of content. As a result, companies are investing in social media marketing strategies and focusing more on leads from social media platforms.

If you are not using video on your social media platforms, you fall behind in many things and lack many potential customers.

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#7: Videos Get More Subscribers

Though Email marketing is a very traditional form of marketing, businesses still use it often. But reading the same type of email from a company can get boring for the recipient. So adding videos to your email can positively change both the receiver and the business.

Statistics show that including the word “video” in the email’s headline will attract more customers and increase the mail opening rate from 7 to 13%.

#8: Explainer Videos Are Best Ad Copies

Creating explanatory videos doesn’t look like Ad copy, but they are an indirect way of selling services or products with quality content. Including persuasive dialogues, real-life storytelling, and adding humor can quickly assist you in converting prospects.

Sometimes explainer videos work even better than advertisements because they provide in-depth information about the product to the customers.

#9: Mobile Users Prefer Video Content

Most people view any content on their mobile phones while commuting. For this reason, reading blogs and articles can be challenging for them. But they can easily watch videos even while walking or moving around.

This benefit has made videos the most favored content of mobile users. 92% of consumers share exciting and attractive brand videos, increasing shareability and building “mouth-of-the-word” marketing.

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#10: Videos Explain Products and Services Easily

Explainer videos are the best technique to explain your product and service to unknown people. In addition, videos can easily explain technical topics.

Using animated content to explain your product or business could be super catchy, making it a reason 98% of people prefer videos for learning about any product.

#11: Increase Net Revenue

Marketers using video grow their revenue 49% faster than those who don’t. Also, businesses get more leads with the help of explainer videos in their market strategy.

And what is the first thing a business looks for while preparing any marketing strategy other than bringing more customers? Of course, an increase in net revenue.

#12: Attract More Audiences

Do you know that 85% of the internet audience in the US watches videos online? Attracting more audience isn’t hard once you follow the right strategy and use your explainer videos effectively.

Explainer videos have the power to attract more eyeballs. And once you understand what the customers want to see, you can increase your views. People are more likely to share your video when they like its content.

So, remember to do consistent research about the audience while creating your next explainer video marketing strategy.

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#13: Videos are Platform Friendly

Videos always catch the attention of the audience irrespective of the platforms. From Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn to YouTube, video is the type of content that has an added advantage over other types of content.

It means you can increase the area of your marketing efforts with the help of videos.

#14: Build Strong Brand Awareness

Do you know it takes 5 to 7 impressions for people to remember your brand?

Explainer videos can be a game-changer for your business. The shareability factor can make the videos go viral on the internet.

Also, building brand awareness and being word of mouth for your industry requires a powerful video and great content. Explainer videos can prove to be a game-changer for your business.

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#15: Repurpose the Content

Explainer videos can repurpose the content. So whether it’s any animated content, graphic design deliverables, infographics, presentations, landing page, or your social media, explainer videos can make their place anywhere.


We believe this blog has provided you with 15 different reasons for not ignoring explainer videos in your marketing strategy.

You’ll produce a more targeted, goal-oriented explainer video marketing with these considerations in mind. And that means more engagement and potential customers. So why not try it?

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