How to Craft Funny Instagram Comments to Grab Attention

craft funny Instagram comments

Are you tired of scrolling through your Instagram feed and seeing the same dull and repetitive comments? Do you want to stand out from the crowd and leave your mark with funny Instagram comments?

Look no further. In this blog post, we will guide you on crafting hilarious comments that will make you stand out and grab your audience’s attention.

1. Understand Your Audience

Understanding your audience always comes first, regardless of social media content strategy. It is a fact that when you keep posting something that does not resonate with your audience’s interest, they will eventually get bored with your content.

We do not comment on something we do not like or understand, right?

Know Your Followers

Suppose you are a social media marketing agency. You post tips, tricks, and strategies to excel in the social media marketing game.

Those who follow you want to know these tips, tricks, and strategies. It is always best to understand their preferences and what they want to see.

If they like to see behind the scenes and the fun you have at your company, show them that, and if they want you to focus on the educational content only, do that.

It all comes down to what your followers want to see. If they get that, they will also engage by commenting, liking, and sharing them.

Crafting funny Instagram Comments

Research Hashtags

Next, you need to craft funny Instagram comments and grab attention by researching the hashtags.

Hashtags are the ones that play an essential role in determining the reach of your posts. Attracting new audiences requires the proper use of hashtags and the creation of exciting content.

You can research hashtags by analyzing the popular accounts related to your niche and noticing what hashtags they use.

Doing this can give you an interpretation of what hashtags to use.

Automatically Add Hashtags With SocialBu

How good is it if you had to cut the hassle of researching the hashtags yourself and someone could do that for you? Well, with SocialBu, you can do it.

  1. Log in to SocialBu and Go to the “New Post.”
  2. Then choose the Instagram account and create the post.
  3. Click on the ‘#” icon under the post, and SocialBu will suggest the most relevant hashtags related to your post caption.
  4. Click on the ones you need, and you are done!

Add hashtags with SocialBu

2. Get Inspired

Exploring your niche by reviewing what others are doing in the same category is okay. To craft funny Instagram comments, you also need to master the craft of adding fun to your posts as well.

If you cannot subtly add fun to your Instagram posts and captions, you can explore others’ accounts and observe what they do.

Explore Memes

Who does not like memes these days? So why not use them to entertain your followers as well?

All you have to do is find the relevant one according to your post, something related to your brand, or any upcoming service. Then you can engage the audience by adding an inquisitive caption.

Your audience would love to comment on something funny under a funny post.

Follow Funny Accounts

It is also good to consider following funny accounts on Instagram. It can benefit you in three ways.

  1. You get the idea of fun and what most people like.
  2. You can analyze how people comment under specific funny posts or what seems most fun.
  3. You stay updated on the latest memes and funny jokes.

Research funny accounts and induce fun in your posts to craft funny Instagram comments.

Follow funny accounts on Instagram

Curate Funny Content with SocialBu

You can also curate the content you want from the web with SocialBu. Then share it on your Instagram or any other social media platform supported by SocialBu.

1. Log in to the SocialBu account and click on “Curate.”

2. Click on the filter and add any type of content you want to filter. Like here, we would like to explore the ‘funny content’ to add funny.

3. Next, choose the duration.

Curate funny content with SocialBu

4. SocialBu will curate the content for you within the mentioned duration.

5. You can choose any post from there.

Curate Funny Instagram Posts

6. Schedule or post it directly with SocialBu or generate your post with a caption for the selected post.

These tips can help you big time to craft funny Instagram comments.

3. Use Humor Techniques

Using humor in your Instagram posts is undoubtedly the best way to craft funny Instagram comments and grab attention. Using it correctly can make your Instagram posts more amusing and shareable.

Here are some of the techniques you can use:


Using wordplay in your Instagram posts can make them easy to interact with and engage with, like allowing your audience to develop something better.

For example, if you are eating and posting a burger, you can write, “Lettuce enjoy this burger,” or something like that.

Use Wordplay to craft funny Instagram comments


Puns are another great way to create engagement on your post. For example, having a busy day at work, you can post something with a caption like “No matter how much I am moving the envelope, it’s still stationary.”

Using Puns


The element of irony is so good for mocking something; like if you are on fieldwork, you can post with a caption like “enjoying a day at the beach.”

Using Irony


There is not a single thing that you can not use sarcasm on.

  • Working hard? Post with the caption “Living the dream.”
  • Something bad happened? Post with the caption “Just what I needed today.”
  • Met someone you did not expect? Post with the caption, “Look whom I was waiting for?”

Using Sarcasm

These simple examples show how to make your posts funny and craft funny Instagram comments.

It’s important to remember that not everyone finds everything you do funny. You’ll have to experiment with it. Find out what your audience enjoys most and stick with it.

4. Timing is Everything

After doing everything to craft funny Instagram comments, are you still trying to figure out how to post or respond to the comments on time? Then you can say bye to the engagement on your posts.

Respond Quickly

You must stay active and respond to the comments on time. Make it a habit of being online after you have posted something. So when the audience comments on your posts, you are there to reply.

Doing this makes your audience feel special, and they feel like their opinion or comment on your post matters. It has a positive effect, and you can get maximum post engagement.

Use SocialBu Automation to Reply to Comments

You can use SocialBu and create automation, so when anyone comments under your post when you are unavailable, they will get an automated reply. This way, your audience will feel noticed, and you can later reply.

Be Consistent

The next thing you must adopt is to post continuously to keep the engagement on posts live and craft funny Instagram comments. But you must make sure to do everything correctly. Posting one time every day is enough.

Schedule the Instagram Posts with SocialBu

You can save time and plan and create your Instagram posts ahead of time with SocialBu and then schedule them. This way, your audience will get all updates from you.

Post on Best Time with SocialBu

You can also analyze your audience and get an idea of when they are most active so you can post at that time and craft funny Instagram comments.


There you have it. Crafting funny Instagram comments is a skill you can master with practice and the proper techniques. With these tips, you’ll be able to engage with your audience memorably and stand out from the millions of comments on Instagram.

Awais Younas
Awais Younas
Co-founder of SocialBu. Entrepreneur, SEO, and Content strategist by profession

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