Getting Started With SocialBu

Step 1-Sign Up

To get started with SocialBu, you need to sign up using your email id. You have to provide a name, email id and a password. After adding this information, you need to click on the register button. After registration, you will receive a confirmation email. You have your SocialBu account ready after confirmation via email you received. Now you can move further to use it to its largest.

For your convenience, there is another way to sign up for your account. You can also sign up via your Facebook, Google or Twitter account. You need to click on one of the buttons below and a SocialBu account will be created using your chosen account’s information.


Step 2- Update Profile Details

After completing the first step, you have to update your profile details. Please try to make sure that these details are accurate so that you don’t face any problem later.


 Step 3-Update Account Details

Now, update your profile details, subscription and billing charges. If you want to change your password or delete your account, you have to click on the “Account”. It will take you to the update password and delete account page.


Step 4-Updating Subscription and Billing

Updating and billing is very easy. You need to move to subscription tab and update the subscription and billing details. SocialBu provides its users the flexibility of choosing the plan which suits them.

Apart from billing, there is another plan which is completely free, and users can avail this forever. Another advantage which SocialBu provide its users to avail a 14-day free trial. It will help users to get used to SocialBu before paying charges. If you pay annually for your plan, you can get 2-months charges discount. The pricing and features overview are also displayed for each plan.

See details of all the subscription plans here:

Step 5-Credit Card Details

After selecting your plan, the next step is to towards payment. The only possible option for payment is through credit card. SocialBu keeps the information of its users secure so that they do not have to face any problem in future. You do not need to worry about this.

You only need to enter details and pay


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