What is SocialBu Automation

SocialBu Automation is a set of rules and configuration which will perform specific actions when needed. Note that, "Automation" in SocialBu is treated very differently. SocialBu Automation is not the same as scheduling. Although, Scheduling is also a kind of automation.

It is specifically designed to help you eliminate repetitive tasks and actions on your social media accounts.

In any Automation, there are three major elements.

  1. Event
  2. Actions
  3. Conditions

Automation Event

An automation is executed when its event is occurred. An event can be anything. For example, receiving an incoming direct message is an event.

Automation Actions

For an automation, you can set a number of actions which will be executed when your Automation event is occurred. The availability of actions also depend on the type of the event that you use.

Automation Conditions

Actions for an automation will only be executed if all the automation conditions are satisfied. You can set multiple condition groups which help you to add any number of conditions for your automation.

Some examples automations that can be setup using SocialBu are:

  • Sending an automated reply when a message is received if a certain keyword appears in the message
  • Alerting a specific user if a comment or message has a specific keyword in it
  • Replying to a tweet if the tweet user has a certain number of followers
  • Notifying an external service when a new post is published
  • Creating a new social media post when an RSS feed has a new item
  • Creating a new post when a webhook is triggered

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