What is Instagram Grid- The ultimate guide to Instagram grid layout 2021

On the most famous social media platform Instagram, first impression is everything!

Instagram is a platform that allows visual storytelling. It creates a lasting influence. No one can deny that Instagram feed visuals act as a factor in swaying a decision. It can make the visitor press the “follow” button. The Instagram aesthetics fashion has changed now. To get more followers by impressing the visitor; the social posts must stand out from the crowd. As modern trends are evolved, it takes a lot of effort to convert a visitor into a follower. In 2021, it’s mandatory to be innovative and unique to attract more visitors. There are 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram but uniqueness is mandatory to appeal.

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Instagram Grid plays a vital role in improving the aesthetics of the feed. So, let’s get started with the ultimate guide to Instagram grid layout 2021. You will get to know every single detail about Instagram Grid layout & Instagram Grid, including ideas, tools, etc.

Get ready to enhance knowledge with Instagram Grid introduction!

Prior to proceeding to the Grid creation and rearranging process. You require to get valuable information about what is an Instagram grid? It’s a way of captivating the visitor’s eyes. It creates a positive brand impact with a creative style or layout by telling the story through pictures in the Instagram feed.

An Instagram Grid layout & Instagram Grid enables taking advantage of each square in creating a consistent layout. It helps developing aesthetically pleasing visuals. The careful strategy of utilizing each square for the Instagram photo grid helps in thinking about the feed’s overall appearance.

Do you know why Instagram Grid Layout matters?

Instagram is a platform that comprises of visuals and images. It’s not like other social media platforms that require scrolling to reach the content. Instagram shows the content in the form of visuals and gives the grid view. When a visitor navigates to an Instagram account, the Instagram photo grid creates the impact necessary to be positive for persuading to follow. If the landing page doesn’t influence the visitor positively, then the business may lose a customer. So, the first impression always counts which is mandatory to be lasting.

Requisites of Instagram Grid layout

There are a few requisites for creating Instagram Grid. They are required to be fulfilled for creating highly engaging content:

  • High-quality visuals:

The visuals and images must be high-quality. The blur or pixelated photos can create a mess. They make the Grid give a bad impression.

  • Stick to color scheme:

It’s wise to select a color scheme and stick to it as it shows the brand personality. It is great to keep things simple as it catches the visitors’ attention to the actual point.

  • Sober pattern:

Solid background with sober color works well in visuals for the Instagram grid. It doesn’t divert the visitors’ attention. It is a perfect idea for the advertisement of products.

Creating Instagram Grid strategy, ask yourself a few questions:

In today’s modern era, a businessman just has a few seconds to impress the visitor of Instagram feed. So, creating a strategy to make Instagram Grid layout & Instagram Grid based on a few important questions will help capture the attention of leads.

• Will the visuals content keep them interested?

• Are the visuals strong enough to make them take action?

• Are the images persuasive to make them follow?

• Will they click on the URL to know more?

Answering these questions will assist in creating images that will help in converting a lead into a customer.

Level up feed with creative Instagram grid Ideas & types of Instagram Grid Layout!

Row Grid: Tell story without distraction

It’s the most exciting type as it enables sharing a whole story in just 3 images posted in a row. The brand owner can share multiple stories in a feed one after another and it feels great and works really well. It takes the visitor from left to right to get the message and the images don’t require to be identical. Just the color and theme are necessary to be similar to avoid distraction.


Source: @personaljournalapp

 Vertical Line Grid: Convey message vertically

It’s one of the most used Instagram Grid layout as it allows conveying a message or showing a series of images in a vertical line. All it requires is a consistent background that doesn’t divert the attention of the visitor. The images created on a similar theme are posted which takes the visitor from one image to another without distraction.


Source: @socialbuapp

Checkerboard Grid: Captivate with a mix of colors

It’s is the most-liked Instagram photo grid type. It requires selecting 2 colors for the background of squares with the option of a third square to be colored or image background base. It doesn’t only help make the feed look out of the world for making the brand stand out. It also helps tell a story for which planning is incumbent.


Source: Pinterest.com

 Diagonal Grid: Set visuals in diagonal line

It’s a fantastic grid type in which three images of similar visual aesthetics or objects are set in a diagonal line. It may feel not very clear to create, but it’s uncomplicated after all is planned. It gives an outstanding appearance to the feed which bewitches the visitors.

Source: @wholeheartedbusinesscoach

Puzzle Grid: Single image split into multiple images

It’s the most amazing Instagram Grid layout & Instagram Grid type as it’s a whole picture of 9 images but split into 9 pieces posted in 9 separate squares. It’s tough to plan and maintain this grid because each image requires to appear splendid and complete separately. If each individual picture is not complete then no one will focus on it when it is visible on the feed.

Source: @sajalaly

 Rainbow Grid: Play with fusion of hues

Rainbow Instagram photo grid works well for the brands which can’t continue with just one color. It allows playing with the fusion of hues. The image below the one must look relevant and that’s it. Photos are posted in a row, but the photos are linked to each other with color fusion. Each row is connected to the below with a slight change in color which keeps the feed fabulous.


Source: @sajalaly

 Mixed: Combination of variety of Grid types

There is no strict rule of following a single grid type once used to turn the feed impressive. Combination of a variety of grid types can be utilized according to the requirement and choice. It is entirely up to the brand manager to select the grid type best depending on the situation and story to tell.

To make it easy for you to understand the layout types, we have displayed the Best Instagram Grid Layout examples above.

Know how to style your Instagram Grid Layout? Take it to next level

Making the Instagram Grid look out of the world can be challenging, but it pays off the brand in the long run. A perfectly planned grid according to the preferred style or theme is a guaranteed way of increasing the followers. It boosts the sales of products or services which business is offering. Here are the splendid Instagram layout ideas and styles to make the feed appear other-worldly:

Choose to be bright and bold

Yes, it works in captivating the eyes!

Bright and bold hues combination is intriguing. There is no doubt that a single bold color works wonders. But the contrasting hues are just exceptional.

Source: @awhimsywonderland

Inspire with motivational quotes

People love motivational quotes and it’s the best way to attract their gaze!

It is outstanding to break the people’s monotonous routine by providing them inspiring quotes displayed creatively through the Instagram photo grid.

Source: @activequote

Impress with single colored theme

It’s not the matter that only bright and multi-colored themes work for Instagram, single-colored theme also works wonders!

It is great to go for the colors in the company’s logo so, here you can see how it looks.


Source: @humandoinglife

Creativity with single puzzle picture

Creativity never fails to grab attention!

A single picture posted in 9 squares on the grid makes it appear like puzzle pieces and gives an overall splendid look. Just see how it seems!


Source: @moon

Set borders to set a specific theme

Border is suitable to separate the photos with a specific distance!

It doesn’t make the grid look messy and it gives a clean and clear view to the eyes which is fantastic for creating a positive impression.


Source: @beautifulandyummy

Steps to create visually appealing Instagram Grid

Planning is mandatory to give an unusually appealing look to the Instagram feed with the Grid style and layout. No one can just take the images and post them to turn the simple feed to show the brand’s creativity and standard. Simple posting of images doesn’t create an influential impression. It’s challenging to create outstanding feed which makes the company appear unique. So, here are the steps to add visual attraction to Instagram Grid:

  • Think of your brand’s personality

It’s obvious that personal Instagram account needs to look a lot different from the business account. The images for the business are required to be funky or sober according to the category. It’s the first step to think about your business or brand’s personality. Then come other steps as it helps create harmony throughout the scroll to keep the visitors engaged.

The business owner must attract and keep visitors or customers engaged. It helps convert a prospect into a regular customer. The Instagram users who wish to appear unique on the platform can also follow these steps. They are outstanding in keeping consistency which is the key. In the first step, the business owner defines the brand by finalizing the personality.

  • Select the type of Instagram Grid Layout 

It’s the next and the most crucial step as it requires focusing on the type of Grid. It’s a little bit complicated to plan, but it surely benefits the long run. You can also get assistance from the Online Instagram grid template as it shows how the grid will appear. It shows the Grid visually which the user imagines, so it’s a marvelous way of planning the content and see how it looks.

The Grid layout may be according to the preference of the user. It can be according to the category of the business or the type of products and services offered.

  • Choose the Instagram Grid style

In the third step comes the time to choose Instagram Grid style from the Instagram layout ideas. It can be inspiring with the quotes to catch the gaze or it can be full of colors. The primary aim is to appeal to the eyes and convincing to follow.

It’s the step of finalizing what type of content you are going to plan or publish for engaging the visitors and informing the followers.

  • Go for the hues showing personality

Colors create a brand’s visual personality. It impacts the human psyche so; this step should never be neglected. Nothing can replace the power of hues. They bewitch the prospects if they are selected carefully. The color chosen at this step is going to be forever in the images. You can choose a single color or can choose to be funky with several colors. It’s entirely up to you and the contrasting hues are perfect to be used in the pictures for creating a lasting impact.

The colors chosen can be in the logo. It looks amazing when the brand has a consistent theme throughout.

  • Schedule to post in right sequence 

It’s the last and the most important step. The sequence of images must be perfect for creating a fabulous effect on the feed with the Instagram photo grid. It’s a step with demands care the most. The images are mandatory to be posted in the right manner or it can be a mess. Don’t worry as you can use post scheduler for keeping the sequence of the images perfect to avoid the issue.

The images once posted meticulously will make the feed appear awesome with the great theme.

Let’s see why to create Instagram Grid & why not!

  • It’s aesthetically pleasing and visual appeal assist in grabbing visitors’ attention.
  • It helps create the first impression positive which lasts. So, it must be on the preference list.
  • It enables scheduling a lot of social posts in advance. It helps in saving time and energy of posting after frequent intervals.
  • Not all the brands can create the splendid look. So, it serves well in making look out from the crowd.
  • It assists in creating brand identity and recognition. So, it should never be ignored.

There are many benefits for creating Instagram Grid layout & Instagram Grid as mentioned above. So, the reasons not to create it can’t convince in not making it to create feed visually impressive. Here is why to not have a grid:

  • A specific number of images are required to create a gird like 3, 6 or 9.
  • Images that look awesome in the grid may not appear impressive when visible separately.

Searching for outstanding Instagram grid layout apps? 3 Exceptional planning tools:

It’s an era of technology and there are a lot of tools for managing social media exceptionally. But a few of them are user-friendly and work as an excellent photo editor and Grid Maker for Instagram. Let’s discuss the tools which are best to utilize:

For photo editing, use Befunky

It’s an amazing photo editing tool that comes with the features of cropping, resizing and rotating the images. The user can also set the background of images and cut out the pieces which are not needed.

There is an option of adjusting the colors, exposure and beautify the images. No other tool can replace it when it’s the matter of replacing color, filling light to illuminate and auto-enhance. It’s an all-in-one tool that works in an excellent manner. It’s easy to use which can be operated with no technical knowledge.

For photo grid, use Canva

It’s one of the widely used Instagram grid creators. It comes with the Online Instagram grid template to select and make the feed fabulous. Users can create the professional design with the tool to make the company look unique. The magic of the tool is not limited to image editing. It expands to video creation for different social media platforms. So, it serves well in creating video grid for Instagram.

It works great for creating images for social media. It also helps develop aesthetically pleasing pictures for mugs, business cards, and other products. The tool can tell you How to make grid pictures on Instagram?

 For everything else related to social media, use SocialBu

It’s a solution to all the social media handling issues. It tackles social media platforms and works as an unrivaled Instagram grid planner. No one can beat the power of this tool when it comes to scheduling the posts on multiple platforms from one place. It helps in bulk scheduling and scheduling the monthly calendar. The tool is best to choose as Instagram grid maker. It allows posting images in a preferred sequence. It contains the feature of auto-respond to messages and comments. It saves the time as well as send a reply to the customers instantly.

It can handle reviews, set up automation and RSS feed. It makes it hassle-free to engage the customers. It displays the follower insights and shows the post performance. It serves to improve the marketing strategy. The user can schedule posts in the perfect sequence for creating Instagram Grid.

Let’s have a look at features that assists creating Instagram Grid!

Post scheduling and Bulk scheduling are two features in SocialBu that will help create an Instagram grid according to the finalized type and style.

You just require scheduling in the right way and sequence. Set the time and the tool will publish it to create the grid. Here you can know the steps to schedule the posts in bulk with this user-friendly tool:

Post Scheduling

1. First of all, link the Instagram account to the SocialBu tool.

2. Go to the ‘Schedule’ tab on the top left corner and select your Instagram account to schedule a post.

3. Create the Instagram post (first image for Instagram Grid) and then schedule it by selecting time and date.

4. Schedule all the posts for the Grid one by one in a sequence. There should be a 1-minute time difference in all posts.

You will get a Grid beautifully representing your brand!


Bulk Scheduling 

1. For bulk scheduling, you need to enter all your posts in a .csv file. (File template is available on SocialBu & it’s easy to download)

2. Go to the “Bulk scheduling” tab and select the .csv file with saved posts data and import. Date and time are mentioned in it.

That’s it, leave it to the tool. It will take care of the bulk posts to create an impressive Instagram Grid.

Is your Grid ready? Post visuals to boost up Instagram feed appearance…

As mentioned above, there are numerous ways to give an attractive look to the Instagram feed with various Instagram layout ideas. There is no rule of sticking to a specific Grid type or style as anyone can be selected when creating a new Grid. Just sticking to the color scheme and aesthetics highlighting the brand are required to be the same. Everything else is all Great!

Don’t ignore much-needed details about Instagram Grid, let’s discuss!

 How to keep Instagram grid in order?

The only way to keep the Instagram grid in order is to keep the number of photos in a grid in mind. It requires publishing new posts according to the number. It’s great to post 3 images altogether as it will help keep the grid as it is on the feed.

How do I rearrange the grid on Instagram?

Instagram feeds create lasting impressive influence on the visitors. So, everyone wants it to be captivating. The feeds work as bewitching for the customers when it’s a brand leveraging the power of Instagram Grid layout & Instagram Grid. Most people want to know How do I rearrange the grid on Instagram? The images are required to be scheduled in a sequence to be posted as desired. It creates an aesthetically pleasing grid that works to persuade the visitors to hit the follow button.

How do you make a grid on Instagram?

It’s all about selecting the Grid type and style you want to make on the feed. It contributes to the appearance of feed and attracts visitors. Publishing the posts in a sequence also matters. It plays a vital role in creating a perfect grid as desired.


Just plan to create Instagram Grid layout & Instagram Grid to appear unique and impressive enough to be followed by the visitors. It’s an ultimate guide to know about Instagram Grid in detail. Now you can create one and turn the simple feed really interesting. Instagram is an excellent social media platform that helps skyrocket the sales of a company. It has power of reaching and impressing the target market. The Instagram Grid feature adds uniqueness to the company’s Instagram account feed. It helps turn visitors into followers.

So, get valuable information and follow the steps to create a visually impressive Instagram Grid. It will increase the number of followers and enjoy a huge fan base!

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